[PAID - ESX - QB] Advanced Speedometer Vehicle Distortion

:red_car: Realistic engine degradation and engine icon

:oncoming_automobile: Standard vehicle icons (speedometer, belt, headlight, engine breakdown, etc.)

:dotted_line_face: Radial speedometer and rpm indicator 3D

:male_detective: Shows player information (money on it, money in the bank, etc.)

ESX - BUY ==> eyestore | [ESX] Advanced Speedometer v2 [Radial Theme] (tebex.io)

QB - BUY ==> eyestore | [QB] Advanced Speedometer v2 [Radial Theme] (tebex.io)

Other scripts - Multiple Gallery

Code is accessible YES
Subscription-based NO
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements es_extended - extendedmode
Support YES

thats slick lookin, whats the chance of a QB version?

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Added QB version.

I don’t know if I received the final version if so I already regret my purchase