[PAID] [ESX] Clink Banking - All In One Banking and Investing Script

:dollar: Clink Banking

:bank: All In One ESX Banking and Investing Script :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Clink Banking is a next-generation ESX banking script for FiveM. Never before has one script combined banking actions and an in-game stock market that uses both real life and lore stocks, and it is my goal to add so much more to this script in the near future.


  • :dollar: Full Banking Functionality (Deposit, Withdraw, Transfer)
  • :bank: Working ATMs/Banks
  • :chart: Fully Configurable Stock Market Using Real and/or Lore Stocks
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Working Live Graph Showing Accounts Over Time
  • :scroll: Account and Investment History
  • :paintbrush: Modern UI Design
  • :gear: Highly Configurable (See Below)
  • :sparkles: Optimized (~0.02 - 0.04ms)
  • :family: Works with Multichar (uses identifiers)
  • :globe_with_meridians: Configurable Locales

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Dashboard - Opened with /cbank (Configurable)

Banking Screen (Not at ATM by Default)

Banking Screen (When at ATM by Default)

Banking History

Deposit Cash

Transfer Funds

Investing Screen

Owned Stock

Available Stock

Buy Stock

Investing History

Configuration Options

  • Banking Options Restricted to ATMs Only
  • Open ATM key
  • Splash name and icon
  • ATM / Bank Blip Configuration
  • Bank Locations / ATM Models
  • Enable/Disable Investing (Stock Market)
    • Stock Price Update Frequency
    • Player Actions Affect Stock Prices (No Effect Currently)
    • Enable Real Stocks (Must have an IEX API account - See Below)
    • Enable Lore Stocks and configure volatility

Compatibility / Prerequisites

  • Tested and developed on ESX Legacy. Will almost certainly work with ESX V1 Final, v1.2 and v1.1.
  • Requires mysql-async and to load the required SQL files into your es_extended database.
  • Requires cron
  • That’s it!


  1. Ensure all prerequisites are installed.
  2. Ensure the SQL files have been loaded into the database
  3. Edit all config files in the config directory (config.lua and investing_config.lua)
    a. In order to use real stocks, you must sign up for an account on IEX Cloud
    b. The free tier should be good for about 2 stocks when updating every 5 minutes, or 8 stocks when updating every 15 minutes. I have no connection to IEX Cloud, it was just the easiest and cheapest option to use.
    c. Simply paste in your API Key into the config file under StockConfig.apiToken and everything else is automatic.
  4. Add start clink-banking to your server.cfg.
  5. Restart the server

Planned Additions

  • ESX Society Banking Accounts
  • Player actions affect stock prices
  • Custom Colors
  • Player Billing (Send Invoices to other players)
  • Account Sub-Division (Credit Cards)
  • Loans (Send another player money temporarily)

Known Issues

  1. Due to how accounts are snapshotted (to save database resources), transactions are not immediately represented in the live graph. This will be patched in the future.
  2. Your user table (SQL) must be utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT utf8mb4_general_ci. You can change this by running ALTER TABLE users CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci; on your ESX database.


No warranty is provided in any form. Any responsibility for damages caused by this resource rest solely with the user. The author(s) of this script accept no liability. By using this resource, you agree to the following terms…

  • The license must remain unmodified and in its original state, installed with the resource in your server.
  • You may not redistribute, modify and redistribute, or claim this work as your own. Any modifications you make to this resource must be for personal use only.

My Other Scripts

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this looks realy nice :slight_smile:
If I had money left I would buy it…

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Good job man

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I can’t see the menu when I enter the game, and an error is reported.

Make sure you have loaded es-extended before this script.

Confirmed to load

I use a ESX V1 Final

Add this file to es_extended


Add 'imports.lua', to the files { } section of fxmanifest.lua

This script was developed for ESX Legacy, not V1 Final, so these steps are required for compatibility. No guarantees but I’ll try to work through it with you.

Thank you

nice script with fast support ! thx

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Update Version 0.1.1

  • Added Locales (EN included as default)
  • Fixed flashing of buttons outside app area on first open of dash
  • Fixed user being allowed to open the dashboard before it was fully loaded
  • Added a configuration option to enable banking options away from ATMs
  • Fixed bug where real stocks prices were not received from IEX

Config File Changes

  • Removed Config.appName
  • Added Config.enableBankingAnywhere = false
  • Added locales = {} to top of config
  • Added Config.locale = "en"

Download Here: https://keymaster.fivem.net/asset-grants

Now on sale until January 1st for just 9.99! That’s 50% off.
Regular price is 19.99.

Purchase Here: https://clink123.tebex.io/package/4780417

Update Version 0.1.2

  • Fix broken deposit notification locale
  • Edit default config to have less volatility in the base stocks (they got to insane amounts of dollars very quickly)

Download Here: https://keymaster.fivem.net/asset-grants

This is a very small update and the config files did not change in structure, but I noticed my stocks were extremely wrong in pricing after a couple months of running this. Just check the max movement per day and lower it wayyy down.

Do you still update this Script?

Hey Kurt, I still offer support and do plan on updating, but I have no updates in the works at this particular moment.