[PAID] AircraftCarrier Robbery [ESX,QB,VRP,VRPEX,STANDALONE]


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  • ESX
  • QB
  • VRP


  • Resource core_markermenu [FREE COMES WITH SCRIPT]Can be changed
  • Resource core_rob_minigames [FREE COMES WITH SCRIPT]
  • Game build must be 2372 or higher.
  • Server version must be 4752 or higher.


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Nice but too expensive in my opinion

Hi , Thanks for the reply, i made a monthly subscription plan that grants you a access to all my scripts to date
if you would like to consider that , also the subscription is cheaper then buying the script it and it grants access to all scripts up to date as i mention before.

Can I use the script after subscription expired?

Since the cayo perico DLC update this part is buggy at the aricraftcarrier:

Sometimes there is no problem and you can use the stairs but most of the time the map is buggy. Do you have idea for that?

Hi , Its a monthly subscription that means that you need to pay for it each month.

If you use Cayo Perico Island , you should only enable the island when you go to it.

For example when you want to teleport to cayo perico you enable the island, when you want to leave you disable the island.

How can I disable it?

Here is a post.
Link : Enabling the island on build 2189

SetIslandHopperEnabled("HeistIsland", bool toggle)  --true to enable or false to disable

SetToggleMinimapHeistIsland(bool toggle) -- switch radar interior


SetScenarioGroupEnabled('Heist_Island_Peds', true)

SetAudioFlag('PlayerOnDLCHeist4Island', true)
SetAmbientZoneListStatePersistent('AZL_DLC_Hei4_Island_Zones', true, true)
SetAmbientZoneListStatePersistent('AZL_DLC_Hei4_Island_Disabled_Zones', false, true)


  • Client Side Functions File, this allows you to change the way you interact with the props.
    Which means that you are able to change to bt-target or to no menu at all.

  • Server Side Functions File , this allows you to change the server side functions, “giveitem”,“removeitem”,“checkifitemexists”,“checkforcops”
    The Frameworks that are working are , [ESX] [QBCORE] [VRP] [VRPEX] [STANDALONE]