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  • ESX
  • QB
  • VRP


  • Resource core_markermenu [FREE COMES WITH SCRIPT]
  • Game build must be 2189 or higher.
  • Server version must be 4752 or higher.


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48 EUR?? OMG… roberries are usually 20-25 EUR cost, what I would also happy to pay for but 48 EUR is way too much.

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Hi , thanks for the reply and the suggestion i will consider that.

Is it cool? Yes.
Would I pay for it? Yes.
(For the animations of the cash into the bag, bullion in the bag & the painting cut from the frame)
Would I pay 40 Euro? Heeeellllllll no!

Basically, I created something similar, myself. Minus those animations. But I don’t think those animations warrant such a price as 40 Euro, given how easy I know the rest was for me to do - spawning NPCs, having tasks to complete on the yacht, etc.

Pretty jealous of those animations, which I still need to dig around to find. Cutting the painting from the frame is something I have never seen before. So you’ve made something quite cool. But please reconsider that price. I would not pay more than 15 Euro for this. But I am a tight ass. So maybe consider the 15-25 Euro that everything else like this seems to cost.

Regardless, keep up the good work!

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Hi, thanks for the reply, and thanks for recognizing my work.
i’m considering having a monthly subscription.

T1ger yacht robbery on a different boat?

Hi , thanks for the reply, just because the name is the same doesnt mean the script is.

I did a quick search and found this script.
Link : T1GER Yacht Heist (DEPRECATED) - YouTube

My script doesnt have anything related to that.


  • Client Side Functions File, this allows you to change the way you interact with the props.
    Which means that you are able to change to bt-target or to no menu at all.

  • Server Side Functions File , this allows you to change the server side functions, “giveitem”,“removeitem”,“checkifitemexists”,“checkforcops”
    The Frameworks that are working are , [ESX] [QBCORE] [VRP] [VRPEX] [STANDALONE]