On the "Los Santos Summer Special" update

Note: build 2060 is available if you launch your server with +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2060.

Just dropping a quick note about the support roadmap regarding the Los Santos Summer Special update that Rockstar is releasing next week:

  1. The existing game will remain working fine on the current Arena Wars level (b1604), even after updating, due to our unique GameCache technology.
  2. The Casino Heist b1868 level will be considered unsupported and removed.
  3. We will use the b1868 baseline to develop support for the new release. This might take a while due to the high chance of new DRM additions requiring alterations of core CitizenFX systems for the modification to work without ‘random’ corruption.
  4. Once finished, it will be published alongside a new server update as an opt-in build mode, so that compatibility with existing content remains, as well as to reduce the risk of initial regressions.
  5. Eventually we will switch the default build mode. However, this might take some time for regression testing both on our end as well as for server owners, since these are some of the most invasive changes in existence. No default build switching this time, too many odd incompatibilities, rather wait for the Christmas 2020 update to V.


Didn’t you promise an update last time, too?

Yes, but we weren’t able to foresee DRM obstacles reintroduced in these updates. Rockstar is explicitly targeting patches made only by FiveM in newer updates for reasons unbeknownst to us.

By now, we have a much better grip on what is affected by DRM in b1868, and with advancements in analysis technology, should be able to write code that does not trigger any of these technological protections, without circumventing or removing the network of Arxan’s patented Code Guard technology, while staying within the boundaries of applicable legislation.

But ‘mod X’ updated instantly, why does FiveM take ages?

Other mods don’t tend to use GameCache technology and break upon update. In addition to that, we have the highest game pattern/call count in the ecosystem of GTA modifications.

In addition to that, we have hundreds of thousands of daily players, which leads to much more testing being required to handle a game update properly.

What could go wrong?

Anything, really - since the update isn’t released we don’t know yet what we have to face. However, rest assured that it will be worked on, and hopefully we’ll be able to resolve the concerns regarding e.g. the random ‘streaming/inflate’ crashes that occurred at a high frequency on b1868 as a result of a Rockstar-placed integrity check.

Thanks for your time!


:tada::tada: Amazing

are you dumb @ali


:100: You fellas are amazing!

Hmmmmmm. Sounds cool :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s really cool but no pressure, you could stay on b1604 and keep using the GameCache technology, it’s not like it’s that important, if someone want something from new rockstar’s update they can stream it anyway :slight_smile:

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All I want for Christmas is non-game breaking OneSync (on newer artifacts). I just hope I won’t have to be waiting till actual Christmas :upside_down_face:

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What is ‘game-breaking’ about it at this point? Have you even provided info or repros?

It’s working remarkably well for various large servers at this point.


yeey - hype

We want the Casino DLC Cars

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One sync is very stable and far from game breaking.

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You can easily get the casino DLC vehicles by streaming them.

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Great work! But please! WE WANT CASINO DLC and Casino Heist
Why we should streaming the hole casino and the cars when we can use it easily?
Plus it has many things! Cars, clothes, new textures and many many things.
Think about it… we need CASINO DLC
Thank you :slight_smile:


You are aware that each update also includes everything from versions before, right?


oh you’re right! thanks anyway

Looking forward to this :tada:

The only thing that sucks about streaming content is that it takes up more memory that could be used for other resources. Of course this usually isn’t a problem except when the streaming becomes excessive. You then start facing fps drops and crashes.

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Yeah you are right, that’s why i only stream what i think is needed, so, some props, some clothes and some vehicles, this won’t affect your server that much if you do it reasonably

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You said you dropped casino heist update… updating to the summer special will already include the casino heist all together? Or it will an update to latest without the casino?