OCRP Liberty City working minimap and pause map for FiveM - Release

This is a working minimap and pause map of Liberty City with the placement seen below (it only works with this exact same placement, which most of the Liberty City mods uses), i am not going to make a version that is compatible with other Liberty City mods than the one we use in OCRP.

Pause map and Minimap are separate resources:

Pause map is based on the OCRP minimap. Since the 6 texture tiles in the YTDs arent big enough to cover more than the Alderney part of Liberty City i had to get creative. So i modified the code in client.lua so tiles x and y are ridiculous high numbers to prevent the YDD tiles from despawning. Then i put a Liberty City map texture with postal codes on a plane in the model file “minimap_6_7.ydd” and scaled it correctly. If you want to run your own San Andreas postal map and not the OCRP San Andreas postal map, just change the textures in the YTDs that controls the 6 tile textures with either OpenIV or CodeWalker.
(Source: OCRP Postal and Minimap (Server Side) - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community

The minimap was very difficult to make work as the YDDs still despawn in the minimap when going far enough away from San Andreas regardless what tiles x and tiles y is set at.
So i came across this mod from @AvaN0x which allows Cayo Perico pause map and minimap to be loaded all the time.
(Source: [How-To] Load CayoPerico minimap all of the time - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Modding Tutorials - Cfx.re Community )
I modified this code by changing “SetToggleMinimapHeistIsland” to “_isNorthYanktonMinimapLoaded”. I then replaced the texture in North Yanktons minimap/pause map called “int2789279894.gfx” with Liberty City (scaling Liberty City was a pain in the butt as modifying .gfx files is the worst thing imagineable). I also had to remove cayo pericos minimap/pause map texture file which is in “int3232302352.gfx” because my modified code sucks and Cayo`s minimap/pause map would still spawn and overlap Liberty City.

Please read known bugs before downloading

Known bugs:
Navmesh DO NOT WORK. You can place waypoints in the pause map, but as soon as you go out of the pause map and the minimap loads up it removes the waypoints. If you know how to fix this then please fix it, as i got no clue how to.
One possible fix could be to change the names of all the navmesh files or generate new navmesh for Liberty City and use North Yanktons navmesh names. So the game thinks its North Yanktons minimap and navmesh thats spawned in when in reality its Liberty City`s minimap and navmesh thats spawned.

Another way to fix this would be if we could get the YDD minimap tiles to never despawn in the minimap. This would make all our problems dissapear, but i dont think there exists a FiveM native which allows changing the tile x and y spawn distance in the minimap, only the pause map.