New Postal Code Map

I just made a map with postal codes on it for my server and decided I would release it to the public. Enjoy.

You can download it here: Map

You can make your own map here :

Screen Shots:


Looks good! (damn 20 chars)

Can this be installed server side ?

Yes you stream it…

For those that want to put this map server side i compacted it into a resource, i take NO credit for the making of this map, i just made it a resource! (it was too big to upload directly so here is a google drive link) READ THE READ ME!


Excellent great service, thank you for your time

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You bet (20 charrrrrrrr)

Haven’t put it in my game yet, but it looks freakin awesome just going by the screenshots. Is this the same one CivRyan is using in Jeff Favignano’s new community, OCRP?

I believe they have one similar but no it is not the same one.

If anyone has any ideas that they would like me to add to the map feel free to let me know.

Thanks bud! I’ll add it to the github!

it is

(20 characters)

Is it me or it is hard to read?

You zoom in and it’s not hard to read.

how do i add his ive draged he map folder to rescourse and added the
start map to server.cfg

No this is not. I do not know if we will release ours or not. But there seems to be a bunch of them around here. Here is the source if you guys want to make your own!

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Confused as to why this is needed. What’s the difference between yours and this one? This also walks you through on how to avoid the fuzziness when zoomed out.

Confused? You do realize that the forum you attached is a different style map. If you simply do not want the map keep scrolling. I’m not trying to benefit anything from this just putting resources out there for people to use.


Of course! I guess I’m just confused as the one I linked also used to reference the dielikekane website which showed various variations of the original images.

That website disturbs me… please dont get any ideas