New Postal Code Map

can somone point me in to installing this please,
ive dragged the map folder and placed star map but it wont load up,

You bet!!..

can diffrent maps be used?

What do you mean? You can stream any map

i tryd to stream the google map version to my server and it got all weird and dident zoom in right when u zoomed it dissapeard

You need a mapzoomdata.meta in your client side that is made for the map you want to use, it should come with one.

NICE!!! been looking for a serverside minimap :smiley:

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Am I the only one who thinks this is pointless? You’re asking every single person who joins your server to then download the client modification. I just don’t see it practical whatsoever.

The map looks cool tho… ;p


What do you mean, its server sided.

The only thing about this that is server sided is the visuals, this basically disables the ability to zoom in as you need the mapzoom.meta clientside.

Read the read me and you wont have that issue…

Is there anyway I can get the file that you used to create this (hopefully a PSD file). I already noticed two postal codes that are duplicates. I’d also like to be able to add my own icons and features too.

You just take the files that it comes with and edit them… we have a custom map and put the files in openiv then pulled the pics from the files and edited them in photoshop…

Right, but if I had the Photoshop file then I wouldn’t need to try and hint down the font used to match it. I’d also be able to easily move around current codes

since the readme was copied/pasted into notepad
map ytd go in
citizen/platform/data/cdimages/scaleform_generic < I do not have this folder <

/citizen/common/data/ui/ < I do have this one <

How do i make my own map?

Did you find out how to make your own map.

How do you MAKE your own map? That website just has a bunch of different types of maps.

Do I need to open it in and just add postal codes?

Edit: If I have custom buildings, is there a way I can load those into a map?

How can i have this display on the mini map?

@DakotaOwens , how can I make this appear on the mini map?