Mod Map in FiveM

Hello i have this problem:

I use this script server side:

Ask on the topic of the script?

you need to install client side files.(as is writted in topic)

hmmm, so for all players to see the map in conditions they need to have on the clientside?

you need to install a map zoom meta data file. I will attach the file. mapzoomdata.meta (1.8 KB)

But I put on the server the mapzoom that was in exactly the same script

It’s a client side file that is required for the person to install or else it won’t work. It is and has been a fivem issue. @MorreJaa

Yea, Chaos2 have right, mapzoomdata.meta is file that client puts into his files. U can’t install it on server, u can install mapmod but all clients must install meta file to make it workin.

No, it’s an issue with these ‘custom maps’.

You don’t need to use mapzoomdata if you PROPERLY create minimap.ydd files.

Sorry my mistake. @ruthenium

ty for help me guys <3 this is not bug xd fivem not suport zoom map

Do you have any information or link to where i can learn to PROPERLY create such files? :slight_smile: