New (beta) feature: Discord identifiers

we’ve added a new beta feature: discordapp identifiers

any server with support for CnL identifiers (that is, from a few months ago or newer) will automatically give players the discord: identifier type (example: discord:214942714846904321) if the desktop client is running and our magic succeeds.

this is an experimental feature using an internal discordapp api, it may break without warning at any moment, and we may not be able to fix it if it does.

also we might end up hitting rate limits, so not all players will be identified even if they are running a discordapp client.

hope this helps!


This is neat! Awesome feature.

yes! I like it!

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This could be cool to verify people’s discord or dynamicly update roles. Can’t wait to see what’s to come!


Yeah. This is epic

Noice, glad to hear it :blush:



Awesome! Can’t wait to see how this might come in handy :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, can’t wait to see it

Cool stuff

OwO kewl

Great addition, will definitely be using this in future releases :smiley:

happy birthday!

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Thanks :smiley:

Great addition!

edit: you can delete this ^^ sorry

Anyone having issues with a increased number of players discord identifiers not working? Noticing a lot of people are having this issue now all of a sudden.

I had an issue where FiveM wasn’t showing up in my Discord as being played (any other game worked fine). I reinstalled FiveM and it worked for a little while and then recently stopped again.

My Identifier doesn’t show when i print my identifiers, even though discord is currently running. Did the identifiers break, or there something else i need to do?