Multiplayer Builder Job [QBCore & ESX & vRP & STANDALONE] [CUSTOM PROPS]


Builder is another of our multiplayer scripts. It was suggested by the community on our discord. If you have interesting ideas, we’d be happy to make it for you, and you’ll get a copy of the script for free! More information on our discord.

The script is very extensive, includes custom props, and many interesting systems. We encourage you to test it on our test server below


The idea behind the script was to do something that other works of this type lacked. As a fivem community in 2022, we don’t want boring jobs that consist of standing in a circle and clicking E. Our jobs go above and beyond by offering players realistic systems. Building a wall actually puts up a wall step by step, and the same goes for assembling pipes. When we pour the concrete from the concrete mixer, we actually see it.

Work gives players free rein - they work how they want, not how the script limits them. You can work solo, but you are expected to complete tasks for 4 people, which can take a while. Once the team is assembled, we divide ourselves into duties, one player does this, another does that, and so on. Your goals include

  • Transport the concrete mixer to the construction site
  • Install sewer pipes
  • Pour concrete over the sewer pipes
  • Build some walls around the construction site
  • Weld various metals around the construction site.

The work is very advanced, which can overwhelm players at the start. But we have solved this problem with a tutorial system. Every first time we approach an activity, script will display a UI with a detailed description of what to do.



2 Scripted Locations, you can add more in config.

Developers Info

Very well optimized! (0.00ms on idle)
You can easy translate whole script to your language!
Script compatible with any clothing system (fivem-appearance, skinchanger, qb-clothing etc…).

The script made in a nice and responsive UI, with a very wide possibility of configuration. Here are the most important options possible to change: (Click to expand)
  • Plugging in your own Notification system
  • Hooking up your own Payouts system
  • Hooking up your own car systems (Belts, fuel etc)
  • Choice between third-eye or markers & 3D Text
  • Plugging in your own target system
  • 3D marker settings
  • Ability to block working alone (Forcing players to work in teams)
  • Change company car
  • Changing the Payout
  • All blips settings
  • Job Location
  • Ability to set your own clothes or disable cloakroom function
  • Target Constructions sites coords
  • Duration of all activities
  • Disable Vehicle Teleporting (For those who want really HARD RP)
  • All Animations


We have a lot of positive feedback, and our support is practically 24/7. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money within 24 hours of purchase. We also run a test server where all our scripts are available ready for testing.

PREVIEW: Youtube

You can test this script by yourself, on our Dev Server

My Other Works

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No, but subscription is also available
Lines (approximately) 2000 + UI + Config
Requirements for ESX es_extended
Requirements for QB QBCore
Support Yes, on our discord

Is it open source?

YouTube Link isn’t working

Sorry for problems with link. My bad, it’s now working!


Half and half. Only the multiplayer system and all the logic of the script is blocked. The rest of the options can be changed through config and functions files, and of course whole HTML is also open source. Our configs generally have 1000 lines each, so the possibility of configuration is very large. If you want to ask about a specific thing, please visit our discord, there we will answer in detail :smiley:

want open source

Sorry buddy, but unfortunately we’re only selling and escrowed version


As of now, the script supports all available frameworks!

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Is yalls store down? keep getting a error loading the store on all your products.

Hey! We have some problem with Cloudflare’s SSL, could u please try to connect using VPN?