LG Identification Badge | Supports Multiple Department Layouts | Standalone & Fully Configurable

you have event in this script, just make it use when u click on an item and remove commands…

Thanks to the OP for this release, thank you so much…
Could someone help me to fill data by default, so users dont have to edit their badges?

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By using the SetIdentification & GetIdentification Exports, you can force changes to the ID (Clientside)

amazing work! I already ported it as an item to be used via the radial menu and it works great

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hey,man.I met some bugs when I use it .maybe it;s my fault,I just change the jscdn and pic’s website.and then I met this ,for the videohttps://streamable.com/qzil5l

I have the same problem did you fix it ?

Is there any errors in F8?

i got error of this. can u help me? please

You need to use the latest version.

Can you share it here? Im new on this and dont know how to do this… would be nice

Can you do this? I dont know how do write these exports :joy: