Interactive lumberjack job


Interactive lumberjack job

Interactive lumberjacking job for your roleplay server. Players want to get away from the hustle of the city? or just want to take out there anger? Send them to the lumber yard for some tree chopping therapy! Even better, the more they chop the more they earn with the built-in XP and levelling system. All settings are configurable and it supports multiple zones. I have protected the server events and added server sided per-client spam prevention to prevent bad actors spamming SQL queries. This was developed for and is used on my own server so has been tested in a live environment.

There are updates planned to add to the system so the lumberyard has stock which can then be tied in with other jobs such as trucking etc.

[Config preview]

Config = {}

Config.Locale = 'en'

Config.cleanupTime = 5 -- cleanup timer in minutes
Config.BasePay = 200 -- base pay without skill level bonus
Config.RankPayMultiplier = 10 -- this number * skill level is added to the basepay.
Config.MaxSkillRank = 30 -- max skill level
Config.skillMultiplier = 2.5 -- multiplier of xp per level, higher number means it will take longer to level up
Config.hackEvent = '' -- Event to trigger when a player is suspected of abusing server event.

Config.Zones = {
    ['cedar'] = {
        coords = vector3(-514.27, 5464.43, 80.66), -- coordinates for middle of harvesting zone
	propOffset = 2.1, -- prop Z offset
        dropoff = vector3(-510.17, 5269.21, 80.0), -- drop off point to drop off full trailer of logs.
        mechanicCoords = vector3(-567.63, 5254.76, 69.5), -- vehicle ped location
        mechanicHeading = 67.0, -- vehicle ped heading
        mechanicPed = 'S_M_M_AutoShop_02', -- vehicle ped model
        vehicle = 'bison', -- vehicle to spawn
        vehicleCoords = vector3(-580.55, 5257.35, 69.5), -- vehicle spawn location
        vehicleHeading = 330.0, -- vehicle spawn heading
        trailerCoords = vector3(-583.389831, 5251.874023, 70.456832), -- trailer spawn location
        trailerHeading = 334.0, -- trailer spawn heading
	prop = 'test_tree_cedar_trunk_001', -- tree prop to be used
        spawnAmount = 25, -- amount of trees to spawn
        item = 'cedar_log', -- item to be given to player
        itemAmount = 1, -- amount of logs to give to player
        xpReward = 5, -- xp reward for harvesting a tree
        cutTime = 15000, -- time in milliseconds to cut a tree
        name = 'Cedar trees', -- blip name
        color = 25, -- blip color
        sprite = 311, -- blip sprite
        radius = 0.0 -- radius of blip
    }  -- Add more Zones below. multiple zones supported.

Script is protected using tebex escrow system.




£10.00 + VAT

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 650+
Requirements Qtarget, ESX Legacy, MySQL/OxMySQL
Support Yes

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There is Qbcore ?

it is currently ESX only. but i can work on the QB-core version and get it out in the next few days.

Fill out the template.

it was actually filled out, but the forums automatically formats it incorrectly. hence why the mods approved the post in the first place. i appreciate your concern though :slight_smile:

Does this script have any dependencies?

Any chance of moving the vehicle spawn function to a separate file and unencrypted so we can use our vehicle lock scripts to set it as unlocked?

I will push an update at some point today to allow for it yes.

tag me when you do. That’s the only thing keeping me from buying. All vehicles on that are not owned my server spawn locked and I have to be able to put in an export where job vehicles spawn so they are unlocked.