Increase yft / ytd stream limit to at least 40Mb

It’s already known that the 16Mb limit is problematic. An increase in the stream limit would definitely be welcomed, as contemporary issues with streaming involve crashing due to the limitations of the current system.

Furthermore, I have seen the reasons why which I believe isn’t a rational excuse for the limit not being raised. One user stated that, “Developers don’t take advantage of high resolution textures, and it isn’t seen in modern games.”. To me, this does not come off as a valid reason due to the simple fact that the modifications being streamed are from a third party source, where efficiency and compression isn’t the main desire, whereas high-res, high-poly textures are.

Alternatively, a variable to change the max stream size would be desirable.

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I like how you’re cherry-picking reasons. Do note, on a 100Mbit/s connection, even a 10MB file would take a second to download already - given that most people have slower connections and VPSes tend to have 100Mbit/s upload capacity shared across all clients, it would be bullshit to resolve this issue.

Efficiency and such are a primary concern if you’re dynamically downloading resources from potentially-slow connections - and if your only issue is .#td files, you can split them into multiple requests easily using gtxd (for map data) or the shared texture entries in vehicles.meta (for cars).


Thanks for replying,

I understand where you’re coming from, but considering it would take less time for a larger file to download than actually manually compress the files [situational, even basic 10mbit connections wouldn’t take a lot of time to download a 30Mb+ file] , split them,and send them to the client, I still do not see the benefits of having a 20Mb limit or the disadvantages of increasing it.

The main concern here is that other members don’t have sufficient knowledge on compression and manipulating ytd / yft files, and it’s not like increasing the limit would do any considerable damage, if any.

If you want to meet on level-ground, at least make the zlib information box more informative to users that don’t understand the problem they are facing clearly enough. Something along the lines of, “Streamed file + [Filename] + over file transfer limit.”. It’s nothing personal for me but i’d be grateful if this was applied for other users.

Fluorine - I’m surprised that you’ve not even taken the variable into consideration. Having the default stream limit set to 20MB would be fair enough but for server owners, having the ability to change the limit to 40MB could definitely help.

For people that want to run their own private servers especially - with people playing that have good internet speeds, I don’t see why this couldn’t even be considered. After all, it’s not the server’s fault that /some/ people might have slower connections. Upping the limit to 40MB should be at the discretion of the host of that private server.

Surely, after a bit of time and effort (it surely shouldn’t be that hard to implement) it could easily be done.


i totally agree with you, for axample i only play with my friends who all have great internet so why can’t the files be larger than 16 mb? and so what if loading takes a little longer if you can play with awesome mods, why not?


how do you do this?
somthing like this?

would be nice to see servers with more mods/things to do…

Request Bump…lol…


Does anyone know how to do this? Peaked my interest, I think it may solve issues better than lowering resolutions and removing textures.

I thought the limit was 16?

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