iHud | HUD Make with FiveM API

Dépendencies: ESX Framework


Je vous présente un HUD entièrement fait via l’API FiveM, il y a de simple functionalité qui font l’affaire, et prenez en compte que j’ai travaillez près de 20h00 sur ce mini projet qui est rentable pour sont prix.



I present you a HUD entirely made via the FiveM API, there are simple features that do the trick, and take into account that I worked nearly 20h00 on this mini project that is profitable for its price


French: Regardez a la fin de la vidéo si vous souhaitez voir la simplicité de configuration du script
English: Watch at the end of the video if you want to see how easy it is to configure the script

Purchase (Price: ** 4.80 EUR** or 5.67 USD)
Creator: DakoM


Idling on 0.15ms is not good. Why is it this high? Also what do you mean with “fivem api”? Just… natives?

I know that this number is not good, that’s why I don’t put it forward, yes “the API” is the natives, the natives of the game are used via an API that gives us access to the engine of the game, as for the optimization I can’t do anything about it because the natives need to be called every 1 millisecond

I mean I understand it takes 20hours to make and you want to make a quick buck of it but there is a bunch of HUDs out there which idles at 0.01 - 0.04ms. Maybe you should share it and look what you could change? That’s what I did and I think it resulted in better code now

Unfortunately drawing text using fivem natives is just that inefficient lol


why not just use NUI?

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thank you for your opinion

Why are you calling natives FiveM API? And just use NUI.

Fivem natives looks way better :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly :slight_smile: and it’s integrated in the game engine so there will never be any problem

That’s subjective. You could probably make exactly the same with HTML/CSS so that is not accurate at all.

Well the first issue is that it’s performance-wise very bad (you’re literally running it every frame, eventhough it’s a HUD and stays the same 90% of the times). Only negative thing about NUI is that is might take a bit longer to update values, but it’s not that noticeable if your stuff does not have to be responsive like a HUD.

I agree with you but also take into account that the NUI also consumes a number of ms that we do not see on the resmon of our server

Yeah, well NUI is alot faster but eh I think natives are worth it, Its not ‘bad’ if you know how to use them and do your script efficient. Most people complaining about them are using horrible script practices.

20 hours for that script? well you sounds like a beginner if so.