I need help with MySQL

Well I’m using a gamemode and it has its own database and I wanted to modify the mod a little bit I wanted to use a bank system and a car shop system but the problem is that the bank I can not get it to recognize the database and the car shop mod I can not make the purchase and the money disappears by the hand I wanted a help to understand these mods
The mods I’m using are these


It’s not possible to merge both resources.
My game mode uses it’s own database and Simple banking is based on ES.
You should implement this functionality by yourself.

yes but it’s very difficult to do it because I do not understand anything I’m learning I’m wanting help to understand how to do

Damn, it’s quite hard to make a proper instructions what to do :slight_smile:

You should understand Lua language, how scripts works in FiveM, use FiveM reference to learn GTA API, understand how my game mode works and then integrate this banking system (or your own).

Probably you should look into any RP base resource like vRP or ES, because this one doesn’t have any open-source extensions and you will always need to implement them manually.