[Release] [ES] Simple Banking port to 3.1.0

This is basically a port of this

To the newest version of essential-mode, currently 3.1.0, everything works the same as in that version. It’s exactly the same.

Download: https://kanersps.pw/files/banking.zip


did you get permission to update it?

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You’re supposed to share, I share something I updated. If the creator did not want this he could’ve never released the resource in the first place as anyone can read it. Now please if you have an issue with this go ahead and tell the creator to contact me privately instead of here.


he is the author of essential, i think its fine if he updates it

Yea i know he is the author of it… however he is not author of SB… and original author hasnt left that project yet… i think that he should have a bit of courtesy to at least get a “ok” with original auther… now people might get confused due to this…

Now they are “fighting” with 2 different versions but one is with sql and other is with couchdb… but same naming schema

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I’ve tried contacting him before to try and see if he will update it but my attempts failed. Anyway, this is a port meaning it is exactly the same nothing has been added or removed it is simply to make it work with a newer version.


Completely fine by me, thanks @Kanersps! :slight_smile:

p.s I did reply to your pm, not sure why you didn’t get it


Ow I’m sorry that’s weird, anyway thanks for your support. You can hang around my discord if you ever feel the need to speak to me.


Everyone is happy :)!

Sounds good, PM me the link if you don’t mind

Thanks to show how to :smiley:

Hello the script has some bug in the top right its not mark me the money in bank its mark undefined can you tell me how to see the amount in bank

Define it directly in the ui.html, it’s a more simple way than modifying the parameter, especially when you use marks like that (€ too).

I did not understand I have to modify what exactly?

Remove line 24 in server.lua and replace it with this

return (balances[player] or 0)

See if that’s changing anything, it should however work fine.

I just replace the line by the one you passed me and its does not change anything its always undefined

Just tested with clean install of essential-mode 3.1.0 and this and it works perfectly fine, there is something wrong on your end.


Confirmed working on essential-mode 3.1.0 like a dream! Thank you @Kanersps for the port
and thanks @GBJoel for the org upload!


Could you let us know how you did it please? I’m still getting “unknown”

Great job!

Would you be willing to take on an idea?