I am looking for an established server specialized in realism and immersion


As the title says, I am looking for an established server specialized in realism and immersion. I am pretty much indifferent to whether it is VMenu or ESX, as I’ve always done VMenu but now am interested in trying the latter. I normally haven’t joined a server without knowing someone in the server previously, so this is a bit of an adventure for me and I could use your help.

I am looking for servers that are fully whitelisted, have some age/maturity requirements, and are established/active.

I am not looking for a server that is just another FiveM server and makes up a cops and robbers game for FiveM. I am hoping to find a server where realism is a focus, not just “when convenient”.

If you know of any servers with a reputation for being like this, or if you are in a server like this, please let me know where I can find more information! I appreciate your time in reading this and helping me.

Hello! I am a Director for New Mindset roleplay, and I’m here to tell you a bit about us. We’re a semi released server, still trying to gather a good player base. We are looking for members to join our ranks for all departments! Our current departments include LSPD, BCSO, and SA EMS/SAFR. We have an age requirement of 14 to be a member, 15 to be HICOM, and 16+ or 15 while being extremely mature for Department Heads. We are an allowlist server for the time being, but will most likely go 100% whitelist once we get that player base. If you’d like more info, you can join our discord New Mindset Roleplay or contact me on discord @rsatemp#4244.

Hello! Feel free to check out our community! We maintain a 18+ policy following strict rules ensuring the highest quality rp. Heres a link with more info if you would like to check it out. Infused Network | Updated | Public | 18+ | Economy Based | Discord.IO/InfusedNetwork

Who are we?

NexonRP is a FiveM community based from California, which means we go by California laws. We are a friendly and active community aiming to make it perfect for everyone, at least in the best way and capability it does for us. There is very limited amount of rules, for it to be more fun and challenging for everyone, this means there will be no staff interruptions when you break law as a government employee, there will be no staff interruption if you break law in any of the public or private jobs. There is hardly any safezones, only safezone is the hospitals for now, which will also be removed at some point. We are working constantly on the server, to put out updates and fix issues/bugs.

What we officer

  • A friendly community
  • A staff team that listens to their members
  • Limited staff interactions in roleplay
  • Low amount of rules for proper Roleplay causes
  • Multiple None Whitelisted Jobs
  • Open Positions within LSPD, BCPD, EMS, Lawyers and Judges
  • Multiple drugs system
  • A lot of ways to get rich
  • Create/manage your own business as you please it
  • Become a leader of a gang

And much more!

Server Informations

Discord: NexonRP

If your still looking I’ve been in a community for the past 5 months called Core Roleplay. It is not whitelisted but the staff are so on top of things it pretty much is. The current player-base have been around for 1-2 years together and its honestly amazing. I don’t think there is another server out there like Core. Being able to not be whitelisted and still have that maturity requirement/expectation and have it all work out.

If you ever wanted to check it out I’d be happy to show you around the discord and City and introduce you to how it all works. Its ESX based and very user friendly. Let me know =)

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We are a ESX server

hello, I am the founder of West Los Santos RP and we are a vMenu server mainly based on realism. We go as far with our custom-made uniforms and liveries based on a real department. We have staff on almost all the time making sure the rules are enforced and at the moment our RP on the server is realistic. if you want to join you can find us in the fivem server list or join our discord West Los Santos RP

Hey, we aren’t a really popular fivem server, but here’s the link. TRP Community Discord
We are under development at the moment but will be releasing our server to the public soon

Hey Sky! We are just getting started but we are definitely focused around Realism. Drop on by and check us out!

𝘚𝘢𝘯 𝘈𝘯𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘴 𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘋𝘖𝘑 𝘙𝘰𝘭𝘦𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺 Got just what you are looking for, we have organized departments and we focus on realistic RP. Come and check us out.