Infused Network | Updated | Public | 18+ | Economy Based | Discord.IO/InfusedNetwork

:open_book: About Us

Start a new life in our San Andreas! Our community puts emphasis on attention to small details when it comes to “life” roleplay. Our goal with Infused Network is to create an atmosphere of immersion without tedious chores. Feel like your actually fulfilling biological needs and functions and not simply filling a characters stat bar. Laid back staff, No power hungry kid admins lording over our players here, everyone’s voice is heard and considered. So what are you waiting for? Come check us out on our Discord or on our Forums.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: High Performance

Our server is optimized to run at High FPS ensuring the best quality for all of our members.

:computer: Custom Framework

The framework is a completely stripped QBCore framework customized to our communities needs, ensuring a non-ESX experience.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Jobs

A variety of custom unique whitelisted jobs along with plenty of other occupations. Not a law abiding citizen? Get your grind on by dealing drugs, running a drug facility in your warehouse, or stick to keeping it on the low with other elicit activities.

:red_car: Vehicles

Don’t worry about driving vanilla cars, all of our dealerships are decked out with the newest up to date models.

:microphone: Voice

We are using Teamspeak with the latest plugins to ensure the highest quality multi-directional ingame voice.

:clipboard: Information

There is currently no Whitelisting process but ■■■■■■■■ and a full understanding of the rules is required before joining. We are also looking to fill High Command roles along with 1 more Staff Member to help put in place our strict rules. Check out the Discord for more information

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Awesome time i love this server def worth checking out (:

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I’ve had the pleasure of being part of this community for a few weeks now. Have been really enjoying the atmosphere and community. Dev’s/ Admins are very active , they are very helpful in supporting the overall progress of the server. Highly recommend checking this out.


Looking forward to all that is to come !

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BUMP, Updated this post :slight_smile:

So much hard work has been put into this server!! This server is Crazy good!


Glad to have you here! Thank you.

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Daily Bump

Great server, bump!

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Daily Bump

Still looking for more players and possible staff ! :smiley: 18+ only :warning: