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Hylon Roleplay

  • A brand new FiveM community that has just had its launch! We are looking for many people to join us along the way and make this server the best it can be!

What are we looking for?

  • Management { Staff Manager , Development Manager }
  • Department Command { 02-05 }
  • Staff Members { T-Mod - Sr Admin }
  • Civilians
  • Department Members

What do we offer?

  • A Professional and Active Staff Team
  • A Knowledgeable Management Team
  • San Andreas State Troopers
  • Experienced Department Command
  • Patrols Often
  • vMenu RP
  • Loads of FREE Custom Cars { BMW, Mercedes Etc }
  • Custom Clothing
  • Paid Assets
  • Giveaways Fairly Often

More about Us

  • Matthew J : Owner of HRP
  • Millie L. : Owner of HRP
  • Callum O. : Co-Owner of HRP
  • J.Marston : Co-Owner of HRP
  • K.Hamilton : Community Manager

The whole management team work very hard on the server, the server averages a lot more people from europe but welcome everybody! Matthew and Millie have both owned servers before, and now are running HRP, we hope you are interested in the server, if so :

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Bump! Still Searching.


Looking for :

  • Staff Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Department Manager

Amazing server with a fast growing community!


Bump! Management Full! Still looking for command of SAST and general community members! server release within the next 2 weeks!

Another Bump!

Server means well and wants the best for the community and amazing rp! Highly recommend if you want a fresh server!


Great Community Come Join!!

No longer looking for management, although we are looking for a head of FAA as well as more staff and community members! Come stop by! we will be doing some giveaways soon!

New Logo :

Just hit 100 members!

Bump! Loads of new additions to the server! You should come join us!

Once again another bump! Hiring LEO and Now Re-searching for a staff manager!


Looking for some dedicated members and some staff members!

Come join us! <3

Bump! Re-Searching for a staff manager and a development manager!


Another Bump! Releasing in 2-5 days! SAST is Hiring! Looking to hit as many members as possible before release.


SAST Is Currently doing Open Interviews, as they are looking for command, if your interview is really good the command may bump you up a bit to see your performance and leadership skills!