[How-To] Stream clothes and props as addons, for MP Freemode models

That’s because model is broken (or made wrongly), my tutorial or tool has nothing to do with it

Hi again. I have an issue with the addon helmets:
When wearing an addon helmet (for a motorcycle etc.), and you sit on a motorcycle, it replaces the addon helmet with a standard one. Can this be fixed with some flags or something?

Unfortunately I don’t have any information about it. You would have to test it by yourself, open .ymt where original gta motorcycle helmet is added, and try to mess a little with it, maybe removing flags or something? And if you figure it out, you can tell me what was it, so I can note it somewhere :smiley:

I’ll take a look at it. Thanks man.

Hello! just wanted to get a quick clarification, but i will probably test it myself here shortly. I had just finished doing the male end of the clothing using your program, which you are fucking awesome for. My question is for the part where you do the fxmanifest file, do i just add in new lines in there adding the mp_f_freemode.meta and to the SHOP_PED?

Thanks! Yes, you have to edit files and add new data_file if you want your resource to run multiple addons. For example:


data_file 'SHOP_PED_APPAREL_META_FILE' 'female.meta'
data_file 'SHOP_PED_APPAREL_META_FILE' 'male.meta'

thank you for the reply, i didnt get a chance to come back on here to disregard my post but i got it figured out and everything is working perfectly! Thanks again!

Hey, today we updated the server to the new GTA dlc. Since then the players crash as long as the addon clothes are on without them the players can play without any problems, do you know why?

Hey, probably on new DLC you are hitting .ymt limit, with new DLC limit is now 2 extra ymt’s maximum

We only have 2 ymts for clothing and in the ymts there are max 122 pieces of clothing, the limit has not been reached there, so I’m wondering why this is happening :confused:

Don’t suppose anyone would know what could cause players to randomly stretch in crazy ways after we implemented some new addon clothing?

We’re not over the YMT limit and tried removing any new models we had, but it just seems to happen sporadically and not with any particular model, sometimes it players in R* clothing, sometimes custom.

The only fix was just to revert back.

Are you sure you have only 2? Creaturemetadata ymt (it is needed for high heels) also counts into this limit.

Maybe broken skeleton in one of new clothing? Hard to tell, never had this happen

Okay than we have 3 for clothing. But even with the 3 we are far from the limit.
That’s why I don’t know why the players are crashing, we haven’t changed anything in clothing for the last few days and yet the players are crashing with the new update

3 is above the limit. In 2545 (The Contract DLC) you can have ONLY 2 .ymt’s per ped. (2 male and 2 female)

Screenshot 2022-01-19 191209

Ah okay, now it makes sense. I thought the additional means that you can have 2 extra ymts to those you already have. Why they reduce the number of ymts that makes no sense

Same, we need to fix our clothing packs.
We downgrade to 2372

Yes, I have to rework everything now and will also take out all the high heels, so I have one more YMT available. At some point we won’t be allowed to use ymt anymore. I can already smell it :smiley:
We just can’t downgrade because of the new update from Mount Zonah Hospital

The best idea I can suggest for now, is to do addon heels in already exising GTA DLC, you would have to edit .ymt, add shoes and generate new creaturemetadata, and keep two addons for just ‘normal’ clothes.

Next GTA dlc might be worrying, with next dlc either there will be 0 ymts ‘slots’ or r* will increase that limit. Unfortunately I think they will not increase this limit in next dlc, because they won’t have to do it, game would still work, next-next dlc is probably when they increase that.