[How-To] Modify Water For Los Santos

Want a Tsunami mod for your server, or you you just want nothing there? Well for any of you who do not know how to do this; today is your lucky day! Today I will show you how to modify the water for Los Santos!

Step One; Download the Empty Map resource by 0dieter0 (link below)

Step Two; go to OpenIV, navigate to the directory /common/data/levels/gta5/ and copy gta5.meta

Step Three; Open gta5.meta and search for “water.xml” and modify the path to look like so;


Step Four; Go to __resource.lua and change anything with “Emptymap” to “gta5”


Step Five; Modify the water.XML as desired.

You can use other water.xml’s when using this, but some glitch due to the water types not being 0.

If you want to add your own configs, here are the codes for them;

      <minX value="X" />
      <maxX value="X" />
      <minY value="Y" />
      <maxY value="Y" />
      <Type value="0" /> --keep zero
      <IsInvisible value="false" /> --keep
      <HasLimitedDepth value="false" /> --keep
      <z value="Height of Water" />
      <a1 value="26" />
      <a2 value="26" />      --Unsure of what these do
      <a3 value="26" />
      <a4 value="26" />
      <NoStencil value="false" />

      <minX value="X" />
      <maxX value="X" />
      <minY value="Y" />
      <maxY value="Y" />
      <Amplitude value="WAVE STRENGTH" />
      <XDirection value="X DIRECTION OF WAVES" />
      <YDirection value="Y DIRECTION OF WAVES" />

      <minX value="X" />
      <maxX value="X" />
      <minY value="Y" />
      <maxY value="Y" />
      <fDampening value="STRENGTH OF DAMPENING" />

Hope some of you find this helpful! Have fun drowning Los Santos!

P.S. Why did I use someone else’s resource to do this? The Water XML, mainly. I figured if it was a full stretch of water through where LS was, if i just invoked the level load with that water.xml, it’d do what I’d expect.


it just make my game crashing :frowning:

the water is all gone, tried everything. how do i make it like yours in the picture?

Hi, I was wondering what settings you use in the screenshots of this?

I can’t find the point at the water. Help teach that

When you said to copy the gta5.meta, is that to make a backup ? You did not specified what to do with the copy.
And the ressource folder where to put the “emptymap” would be the one of your FiveM server, right ?

Can’t get this to work… Had it working the other day and i tried removing all of the coral and stuff, and somehow i messed up and there were several areas around the map causing FiveM to crash, So i had to re-do it. Just kinda lost and confused.

GitHub - MrCoolPotato/FiveM-Water-Manipulation-No-waves-: This is a simple script that alters water calculation to act completely smooth. Note : some weather control scripts may override this on do not hesitate to experiment with deployments. if you wanna control the waves in your fivem server try this its a basic engine config.


But this seems to be Client sided… Is it also Server sided?? And after adding resource and adding to CFG… Cant find resource…

Water surface at dam not loading

So after i added the new water quads to the default water.xml file, it apparently doesnt load the water surface of the dam i can swim in it, i can go under water but i won’t load the surface of the water. So i created my own version of the water quads for the dam but gues what it loads when i add it seperately form the other water quads, but then again when i add it to de the default water.xml file and remove the original dam water it has the same problem.

Does anyone know what causes this issue, and maybe how to solve it?


So i managed to add water to a certain erea of the map i wanted it to. In the mean while i figured a couple of thing out, which are related to the configuration of the water.xml file.

  • The placement of a water area

    <maxY value="660" /> <!-- north edge of water -->
    <maxX value="2150" /> <!-- east edge of water -->
    <minY value="-125" /> <!-- south edge of water -->
    <minX value="1665" />  <!-- west edge of water -->

  • Surface height

    <z value="160.0" /> <!-- heigth level of the water surface -->

  • The water types
    Within this tutorial, it states that it rotates the water within a certain area but i could not seem to replicate this effect.

    <Type value="0" /> <!-- 4 corner water surface, 0   deg rotation -->
    <Type value="1" /> <!-- triangle water surface, 0   deg rotation -->
    <Type value="2" /> <!-- triangle water surface, 90  deg rotation -->
    <Type value="3" /> <!-- triangle water surface, 180 deg rotation -->
    <Type value="4" /> <!-- triangle water surface, 270 deg rotation -->

  • Visibility of water

    <IsInvisible value="false" /> <!-- visible -->
    <IsInvisible value="true" /> <!-- invisible -->

  • Water depth

    <!-- water streches to bottom of the map -->
    <HasLimitedDepth value="false" />
    <!-- water streches to given height under the surface -->
    <HasLimitedDepth value="true" />
    <!-- sets the depth hieght of the water -->
    <LimitedDepth value="10" />

  • Water clearness
    The a(num) elements turn out to define the clearness of the water surface. I think each element refers to a side of the water surface but couldnt find any direct proof of the being the case.

      define how clear the surface of the water is
      0 = pool (light blue color, can see the bottom of the water)
      80 = swamp (dark blue color, can't see the bottom of the water)
    <a1 value="0" /> <!-- ??? side -->
    <a2 value="0" /> <!-- ??? side -->
    <a3 value="0" /> <!-- ??? side -->
    <a4 value="0" /> <!-- ??? side -->

It’s loading the water xml in the manifest, so every client that the resource starts on would load this. It is a game file.

Why only raise it this far?

Because that are the default map borders, just watch what happens when you go past that point with a plain or boat.