[How-to] Add custom uniforms to FiveM EUP

How-to add custom uniforms to EUP.(FiveM)

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So first. Download an EUP uniform for LSPDFR or 5MODS. After that you will most likely see a variety of folders in the download. Within those files should be multiple files. Now, if you look in the FiveM EUP you will see something similar. The FiveM EUP basically justs takes that folder name and file name and put them together with a “^” to split them. Now, I’ll break it down even easier.

Take the folder name from your new EUP uniforms and take one of the file names. EX: Folder Name: JackHaTurtles. File inside the folder: JackPictures. Now, to convert this to EUP FiveM simply take that folder named “JackPHaTurtles”(Or whatever the name is) and take the files and put them together. What I mean by this is the file inside the folder “JackPictures” should be renamed to the folder name+ the file name. The new file INSIDE the folder should be named “JackHaTurtles^JackPictures” IT HAS TO INCLUDE THE “^” I understand that this might be hard to understand, so I will make a video of it today after school. If you would like to make the video for it, please DM the link and I’ll post it with credits to you.

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I mean this is pretty nice relase man!

Would #development:tutorials be better place for this?

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i am waiting for it

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I’ll be waiting too! :slight_smile:

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:shrug: OpenIV?

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Yeah this explanation is in no way confusing


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spent so long doing this and it didn’t work.

Did you include everything I said to do?

yea it was also causing members to crash. this was the error https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/495678453715304465/523899287541907458/unknown.png

Very weird. I’ll see if my friend has the same problem.

Can everyone stream clothes now or is it still just patreons?

Form my knowledge, still just patreons.

Hey, could you explain the menu side of it? How to like edit / add things to the menu and what each number stands for

[‘Male BCSO Uniform (Long Sleeve)’] = {
category = ‘BCSO’,
ped = ‘mp_m_freemode_01’,
props = {
{ 0, 14, 2 },
{ 1, 0, 0 },
{ 2, 0, 0 },
{ 3, 0, 0 },
components = { I understand the components and props, self explanatory
{ 1, 1, 1 }, When I say what each number stands for I mean these numbers
{ 3, 5, 1 },
{ 4, 26, 1 },
{ 5, 49, 1 },
{ 6, 52, 1 },
{ 7, 9, 1 },
{ 8, 39, 1 },
{ 9, 15, 1 },
{ 10, 1, 1 },
{ 11, 25, 1 },


From what I’m understanding the first number is the component. The second number is the article of clothing and the third number is the texture slot. To make more sense if you use vMenu go into the MP Player Customization and go under clothes. If memory servers correct line one is hats. So for example 1:5:2 would be hats, fifth hat in and the second texture option. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me. There isn’t a whole hell of a lot of explanation given as to using “custom” EUP uniforms besides how to just add them.

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Has anyone figured out how to have multiple uniform pieces in the same slot. Is it really just as simple as changing one of the file names from A to B if there’s 2? Maybe I’m over thinking it and it’s really that easy?