[How-to] Add custom uniforms to FiveM EUP

Okay, thanks for explaining, I’ll have a go at editing it

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I’ll make a new video and topic on how to replace the default menu ones with your custom uniforms


Sounds good dude. Thanks.

any update ??

It will probably be done this weekend.

ok thanks, because i put a custom uniform in and its not in the sahp thingy its all over the place lol

What about Hats and Vests

I tried adding the extra files from the updated EUP L&O v.8.1 to the stream files, but they dont show up in my vmenu as new options, anything else I have to do to fix this?

Cool Thanks

Is there like anywhere I can find these numbers in custom eup packs? say for adding them to a menu like eup-ui?

For some reason the EUP In-Game has broken texture, Any fix?

Has anyone done anything with custom EUP presets in FiveM? Say I have a different belt/pants/boots I want my player to spawn with when I apply the uniform, is there a way I can set that to automatically spawn when I spawn a preset? I’ve attached a picture of the “eup_ui” but I’m not really sure how to read it or which is which. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I’m trying to convert this to fivem

But only like some clothing gets in the game

My biggest curiosity, is, say I want to add in more than one EUP, but they have the same name. Is there a way that I can out multiple EUP in? What would I have to edit to make it work? Or is it not possible at the moment?

How do I add Custom Vests [Body Armor] To the EUP? I mean they don’t show up in vMenu Body Armor & Accessory.

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If you are using EUP and drag and dropping all files included, there should be no issue with the clothing in game. If this didn’t help just reply to me and I will see what I can do.

how would I find the folder to put at the ^ if it is not shown in the download
one of the file names is p_head_013.

Hey mate i got a question. I using eup on my fivem server (client sided cuz i dont wanna pay) and it all works. I wanted to add custom assets and i did it just like you and ALL the people. When im on the server tho i cannot find the custom outfits in the eup menu, do you by any chaance know how/where can i find them?

Question do you know how to add additional eup slots we have a eup key and everything else works just wondering how we can add more slots for vest and stuff