[HELP] How can I learn?

Hi everyone,

I would like to make my own RP server, but I don’t know nothing about Lua.
I just started to learn with https://www.lua.org/ , I already have the basics of programmation that I learned at school, but Lua seems so hard to understand.

My problems isn’t really Lua, but what is used to script a GTA server. I can’t find an explain gamemode (with commentary) or other script who can help me to understand.
I tried to understand the basic script made by Scammer ([How-To] Create a basic script) in vain.
I’ll try to explain where is my problem line by line

AddEventHandler(“playerSpawned”, function(spawn) : Is "AddEventHandler considered as a native Function with playerSpawned and function(spawn) as argument? If yes, so I have a problem: I can’t find these two argument, I checked program inside FiveM server folders, but there is nothing. Why did we declare these arguments?
Function(spawn) are also a problem for me, is it a function or an argument …?

TriggerEvent(“chatMessage”, “”, { 0, 0, 0 }, “Hello world!”): So I understand that TriggerEvent is to call an event (but is it a function too?). I found the function “chatMessage” in the folder “Chat”, with argument title, color, message. Is it right?

If someone can help me, it will be great and will really help me to understand. My first problem is : where can I find the existant arguments like “playerSpawned” … ?
And my other question is: when i use TriggerEvent, is it to call a function? For exemple, TriggerEvent call the function chatMessage ? Because this syntax isn’t explain in the Lua webiste

Thank guys and sorry for my english. If anyone can give me documentation about scripting… I found the native DB but it don’t really help me.

As for the list of events like “playerSpawned” then there is a list of them here: ["Solved"] List of events?

post before “google”

FR: Je pense que tu es Français, j’ai trouver un site pour apprendre le LUA. Le voici: http://wxlua.developpez.com/tutoriels/lua/general/cours-complet/
EN: I think you are French, i found a website with tutorial to learn Lua. It’s here: http://wxlua.developpez.com/tutoriels/lua/general/cours-complet/