[GUIDE] How to use RADMIN VPN to play with friends.

What is this guide about?

Hello CFX.re Forums! Serena K. Back with a quick guide on how you can play with your friends when you do NOT have access to a portforwarded router or if you can not afford to buy a VPS.

This forum post is devided in 3 sections. I will cover all from installing the VPN to setting up your IP and your friends / you joining into that IP.

So without further re-do let’s get started!

We will first install our client and setup the client before moving to FiveM.

Radmin VPN.

Installing RADMIN VPN.

  1. Install Radmin VPN from here.
    1B. Once installed it should look like this. (I already have servers do not be alarmed) image

  2. You are going to click Network and press Create new network It will pop-up with a window like this.
    2B. You are going to fill that information as the client requests.

  3. You are going to press Create your new network will now show up. I called mine FiveMCFX.reForumsPost For easy guide you can name it whatever. You are also back to the main screen looking like this.

  4. You can now give the name & password to your friends and let them join YOUR custom network! You can even set a discord link but we will get into that at the very last!

  5. You are finished in this section please move to the next section of this tutorial!

Joining your friends IP.

Joining a friend.

You need to know how to join your friend? Well that isn’t to hard here are some quick steps!
:warning: :warning: Please only follow this if the previous section is complete! :warning: :warning:

  1. Your either give or receive the information from a friend so we will be looking at this in 2 ways. As the giver(You give the network to someone) & the receive(You get a network from someone)


  1. You give the user that you want to join (most likely a friend) the information you made above. Your friend needs the following information of a network.

-| Name
-| Password

  1. You look for the UP it’s besides the blue OFF/ON button

You give this IP to your friend to let them conenct. For me that would be This is also the IP you will use to connect to the server!


  1. You would get the following information if a friend made the netwrok.

-| Name
-| Password

  1. You get the IP from them or you can get it by looking near the blue ON/OFF button.

For me the IP would be This is also the IP you will use to connect to the server!

FiveM Guide.

Setting up a server.

For setting up a FiveM Server please follow the CFX.re Guide

Or if you get back at a later point I might have a guide for that to :wink:


This article was written by Serena K It would be appreciated if you do not take credit to yourself when mentioning this. You can also use other VPN clients to connect this one I have seen to be the most reliable in my 3 months of using

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