GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_141607DD4 (0x230) - pasta-aspen-table


A lot of players are experiencing this issue but I can’t find any reproduction steps. Some user is claiming that this is related to streaming custom assets/mlo but his post didn’t get any answers (MLO load → Crash | Need Help ).

[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/ Process crash captured. Crash dialog content:
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/ GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_141607DD4 (0x230)
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/ Une erreur à GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_141607DD4 (0x230) a provoqué l'arrêt de FiveM. Un rapport de crash est en cours de téléchargement vers les développeurs FiveM.
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/ 
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/ Héritage du hash de crash : pasta-aspen-table
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/ Stack trace:
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_141607DD4 (0x230)
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_14090D3F8 (0x9b)
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_14090DC14 (0x239)
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_14092C650 (0x6e)
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_14092C554 (0x1a)
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_14091F100 (0x191)
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_140948998 (0x42)
[  14704532] [b2699_DumpServ]                71504/ (1.8 MB)

I can ask for a full crash dump if necessary

Got a full crash dump today wich I can provide if needed

Good evening,

I am currently having the same problem with my unicorn (mlo_unipunk) once it crashes the rest of the day is going great, I think it comes from the MLOs without any convictions


I don’t have this mapping on my server but the issue may be the same.

Also had a different ‘past-aspen-table’ crash but with a different stack trace.

After reading this dump I saw that this occurs when trying to create a prop for the ‘ocean-medical-center’, a mapping usign escrow system.

The prop is vannilla and not replaced anywhere but I saw that the associated ytyp is overriden by another escrowed mapping ‘cfx-gabz-lost’.

I removed ‘cfx-gabz-lost’ today and since no one reported a ‘pasta-aspen-table’ with this second stack trace but it’s too early to know if this issue is really resolved

Can you share where you found the reference to ocean-medical-center and the YTYP etc, we are having the same issue with an asset somewhere but my debug is full of Unable to Read Memory and i’m not finding any useful info.


Did you save a full dump ? If not, it’s normal that you don’t have all the information in memory and you should refer to this Enabling and uploading full client dumps

I was able to read the full dump for this second stack trace and got these informations within the ConstructEntity method (archetypeName and position)

Again I don’t know for sure if this is the real / only issue here.

Much appreciated, didn’t even think about full crash dumps, been ages since i’ve needed them.

it seems like no one at fivem knows what this error is