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What is GORP?

Greater Ontario Roleplay brings you a premium Canadian online gaming roleplay experience in Grand Theft Auto V.

Managed by real-world Law Enforcement Officers, Greater Ontario Roleplay brings you an experience like non-other with real-world police equipment and techniques as well as our experienced management team to give you the support and training you need. We do not fall short of your expectations!

Ontario Emergency Services

Police. Fire. EMS. Communications. Our server covers all of the emergency services. Law enforcement is provided by the Ontario Provincial Police which consists of the following detachments: Orillia, Collingwood, Huronia West, Nottawasga & Southern Georgian Bay.

Our group is also made up of Civilians — people who our emergency services need to help. And perhaps people who need a little encouragement to keep the peace in Los Sant…uh… Ontario. We rely on them to keep things interesting during our patrols by coming up with fresh ideas.

Immersive Ontario experience

We use an Ontario map overlay with real-world street names and highway numbers. You’ll see familiar roads like Memorial Avenue, Old Barrie Ave, and County Road 169 :wink: as well as the 400-series highways, the 400, and even Highway 12!.

You’ll also see familiar commercial vehicles in the game such as Canadian Tire, Longos, and Costco trucks. If you need a tow, just call CAA and they’ll send one of their trucks. When things get really crazy, you can expect to see CP24 on scene for the scoop on what’s going down.

Real Emergency Services equipment

GORP has custom-made uniforms and vehicle skins for the O.P.P., Fire, and EMS. We have custom equipment too like batons, radar guns, in-dash radar, and even a StarChase GPS-tracking system.

Our communications are also state-of-the-art. We use an Emergency Services-style radio system so that other in-game players can only hear you if you’re nearby or are using the push-to-talk button for your radio. Need to get details on a current call, like looking up a subject’s name or license plate? No problem. We have a CAD system that you can log on to and query information or see current BOLOs.

More than just driving cars

Many of our departments have subdivisions. Once you’re promoted to Constable III or higher, you can apply to one of many specialized units.

Traffic enforcement, emergency response team, drug & gang unit, air unit, search & rescue, and so much more! Many units have their own special vehicles or equipment, like our ORNGE helicopter for example.

Roleplay & Realism

Our game time is all about roleplaying situations as true-to-life as possible. From the moment you enter the server, you’re expected to be in character. We have a real chain-of-command, daily pre-patrol briefings, realistic radio talk, and calls and interactions that would actually happen in Ontario.

A call isn’t over when the driver has been arrested. There is still lots to be done. They must be read their rights and advised of the charges against them. Their car also needs to be searched. And a tow must be called to take the car away. Orillia Fire may need to attend to clean up a fuel spill, or perhaps Simcoe Paramedics may need to tend to a minor injury on the suspect. We play out the whole scenario!

Even the high-adrenaline calls remain realistic. During pursuits, it’s important to clear intersections and if the pursuit is getting too dangerous it may be called off. If there’s a hold-up at the 24/7 convenience store, we don’t just run in guns-blazing. Officers must secure the scene and call in ERT.

The more realistic you play, the more fun it is for everybody in the community!

Secondardy Departments

Members of Greater Ontario Roleplay regardless of their main department will now have an opportunity to take their FiveM career to new heights. Members will now have the option to be certified to roleplay as numerous different police. Enforcement & Rescue entities. From enforcing the Railway Safety Act as a CN police officer to Comercial Vehicle Enforcement as an MTO officer or even Patrol the streets as A RCMP Officer. The opportunities are endless though these secondary departments are not full-time positions. The full list of secondary departments can be found below.

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Canadian National Railway Police
  • Canadian Military Police
  • Ministry Of Transportation
  • Canadian Coast Guard
    *Ornge Air Ambulance

Official Website:

Current Community Staff Team

Executive Director - E. Rodriguez
Staff Member - B. Mitte
Staff Member - S. Guiho
Staff Member - J. Jackson
Head Developer - C. Wild

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Greater Ontario Roleplay is set on looking into the future, looking to expand its current recruitment to the public. We are currently wanting to expand to open more departments in the future, With them being;

  • Ontario Provincial Police (Open)
  • Fire and Rescue Services (Open)
  • Communications Operations (Open)
  • Civilian Operations (Open)

Do you want to be part of something great?
Do you want to be involved in the forefront of Canadian Roleplay on FiveM?

Apply today!

Community Requirements


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We are currently looking for 1 or more Devs and a candidate for Civilian leadership(will be interviewed for this)to join our team to help make the Server and Community a place to enjoy.


Can I join


We are actively in need of more civilians to join the server! If you wish to join check out our interview discord

Join our Interview Discord!



Honestly a great community especially if you are looking for a Canadian based one

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Southern Ontario Roleplay is actively recruiting in all departments!


Highly suggesting joining the community. Great leadership and many opportunities for creative scenarios.

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In addition to looking for Officers we are also looking for developers and dispatchers!


Our server is not only fitted with custom police and ems vehicles. We a have as assortment of Toronto based civ vehicles. From Toronto Transit Buses, GO Buses, CAA Towing and Beck Taxis!


I am currently looking to fill and learn a police role if you would be willing to give me a chance I can speak with you tonight around 5pm pst and I’m open to learn. Very mature down to earth. Grini#2241 is my discord.


Come join us for a patrol tonight at 7pm ET! Also we’re hiring! Come apply now!


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The Fun Never Ends :wink:

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We are always looking for new members in all of our departments, join up to be a part of a unique community!

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The Toronto Police Service is looking for new officers! Apply Now!

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An opportunity like no other :sunglasses:

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As we begin to grow our patrols have gotten much more action packed but we still are looking for more civilians to join our community.

If you’re interested in joining our community please join our interview discord and fill out an application!