FreshStart Roleplay | Custom Framework | Custom EUP | Looking for Admin, Staff, and Devs!

Fresh Start Roleplay | FiveM Community

What is Fresh Start Roleplay? FSRP is a white listed FiveM server with a dedicated Vmenu base, This is a new server that has potential like nobody has ever seen, with experienced players and active and helpful administration team within it.
If you’re into the professional and realistic as well as a brotherhood energy within the community
experience, feel free to join and have a good time!

What we offer:

Mature Ownership
Friendly / Non-Power Hungry environment
Quality FiveM server.
An experienced and determined developer team
Dozens of custom LEO cars for All Departments
Friendly & Mature Staff
Realistic Roleplay
100+ custom civilian vehicles for public use


Blaine County Sheriff’s Department
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Fire/EMS
San Andreas State Communications
Civilian Operations
Civilian jobs

We will be all over social media actively posting to bring more attention to our wondrous community.
I’ll see you soon at FreshStart Roleplay!


Fan Discord: FreshStart Roleplay Fan Server

Forums post updated!



We are BACK! Looking for Department Heads, Devs, and Members! If you are interested, join the Fan Server and send me a DM and we can get you all setup! You’re almost guaranteed to get a comfortable position in the community.


Still looking to fill a few more spots. Hurry fast!


The community is getting ready to open! Get in and claim your spot ASAP!


Always looking for new players!

Definitely worth a look,

Noah is a incredibly nice guy(which ever one you want to pick) and they definitely have a goal in mind that is most certainly achieveable. All the admins are all equally just as nice even with all there faults.

The only Dept Head spots left are LSFD and Comms, We are growing very nicely and alot of great things are to come in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you in Los Santos, citizen.

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Great community with a LOT of potential! So many amazing members that truly do make you feel at home and feel comfortable with the community. Definitely worth a check in my opinion.


Post Updated :smile:

A really cool place to hang around, a very welcoming and understanding community.
In all my years of FiveM, this is my favorite server. Love the SAHP models and liveries
I would 10/10 recommend this server.

It’d be a mistake for someone to dismiss this server from their possible main server.

i absolutely Love this sever the staff team, and everyone is fantastic they make me feel like family plus not to mention they always listen to what the members want added

The community is pretty active! We are just looking for a Fire Chief and Communications Director. If you are interested, even if you just want to become a member in another department, join the Fan Server and we can get you set up!

UPDATE: Here is some Media from the community!

Amazing community !

They are still a new community, just over a month being open, but they have a Running Live Server and a Development server with a lot of scripts and add-ons that you see in major whitelisted servers! (Guess that comes from the Admins combined experience from being in other Major Servers).

As they stated above, they still have some Department head spots open ( I think its only Communications now) but we could always use more members!

You can always get a glimpse into the server by checking out the media members, Instagram, and even TikTok! They also have made Fan Patrols, where they lift the Whitelist for Civilian Department for Non-Members to get in and see what its all about!

100/10 recommend this server! Admin even listens to recommendations to add to the server !

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Some more pictures!

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office and Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office got a new fleet today! These liveries are 100% custom-made!