Looking for a new community!


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Hey! I encourage you to check us out @ https://statewiderp.net. Also feel free to check out our discord fan server here https://discord.gg/BN6tPVS

We are looking for experienced and dedicated Civilians! As well as Law Enforcement, Fire, and Operators!


Come check out wasted RP, we are looking for active members and have a dedicated LEO and Dev team that are here to keep the server going, https://discord.gg/fp88FHvh

Spartanburg County DOJ RP is a community inspired on a real county in the state of South Carolina meaning our vehicles are skinned like irl departments but keep in game department names. We are looking for people that are serious about roleplay and willing to help grow the server, with that being said we are recruiting LEO. Our staff team will make sure and work hard for a great RP environment! Come Check us Out!!
We are also now on a vps so our server runs absolutely flawless

Discord: https://discord.gg/zutMMCr

Welcome to Life:Extended Roleplay

We’re in the process of building a friendly, immersive, ever-changing roleplay server that adapts to the community. Non-whitelisted, and planning to remain that way through active moderation!

We’re aiming for an environment that’ll have people thinking more about their ideas, stories, and collaborations, and less about worrying they’ll break rules or upset anybody. No win mentalities, no salt, all healthy competition and storytelling. The only thing we need is you! We’re looking to build more of a player base to help shape our city. Come be one of the OGs and make your mark on Life: Extended!

Feel free to report any bugs you come across in our discord, which also has the information you’ll need to connect, we appreciate the help!

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/VWDj9jRnmt

Here is our server The Framework we are a very low player count trying to get on our feet we have put over 1 year of hard work into our city from cop to crim side even a education system. We are whitelisted and push for realism as much as possible. If you would like a tour just ask

I am once again looking for a community to join!

Hi Bitconnect,

Feel free to try us out at Evolve RP

We’d love to have you with us at PoliceMP!


Hello BITC0NNECT! I am here to tell you about my new community! We have custom payed EUP and custom vehicle packs. We have just released the server today and it has grown at a steady rate! We would love you to come and give it a whirl :smiley: https://discord.gg/jGUkvXVeGZ

Come and check us out https://discord.gg/53MtCRTb

We have only been live 6 days but we are confident that everyone will enjoy what we have built.


We are a brand new UK fire and rescue service roleplay community looking for willing members to join us as firefighters, or civilians! We are only just starting up so we are small for now but we hope that with a few interested and willing members, we can grow much bigger and to better things! If you think you might be interested, check out out Discord server or DM me on Discord! My username is Britanic#0030.

If you choose to not go with us, all the best in your hunt to find a new community/server!

Real Life 5 | RL5| FiveM Server | 24/7 | Now Hiring!


Please consider us!


If you are still looking and interested, check out FreshStart Roleplay! We are a community run by experienced FiveM members with experience in communities such as DoJRP and OceansideRP. It’s a place that all of our members have said they feel comfortable in.

FreshStart Roleplay Forums Post


Come try us out.

You should check out BCRP, it is a great community