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Looking for a FiveM server that just started up friendly to new players, join WASTED RP we have a Northern San Andreas based RP we have LSSD and SAHP. We are currently looking for FTOs, supervisors, and members for both departments. If you are looking to join our server join our discord at . We also include Community Fire and EMS, meaning NO APPLICATION IS NEEDED!!! But for those wishing to help improve that Fire and EMS can apply VIA discord.

You have to be 13+ to be on discord?

If you’re still looking check us out.

I NEED ACTIVE PEOPLE AND I GOT A HIGHLY DEVELOPED CITY Breakthrough RP - Build Your Own Custom Car | Custom Housing | Player Owned Businesses | Custom drugs script

Community Name: Blue Moon RP

Welcome to Blue Moon Role-play! We are a new role-play community that is looking to gain more members, and provide the best role-play experience for our members of the community. We have an amazing and active Staff Team as well as members. We have a very active development team that is always willing to develop and add more things to better the role-play of our community. We are always willing to help our members and new members wanting to join the community. We take our role-play very seriously. Our patrol times are any time of the day. Our focus here at Blue Moon Role-play is to ensure that our members and community have the best experience possible.

Discord: Blue Moon RP

If you are still looking, FreshStart Roleplay is looking for Members and even Staff members! If you’re interested, give us a try!

FreshStart Roleplay | Custom Framework | Custom EUP | Looking for Admin, Staff, and Devs!

Hey you, Yes you! Here on Peak Roleplay, we are looking to fill our departments, Staff, and developer positions! If you wanna have the time of your life JOIN PEAK!!! If you are interested join our discord!! Peak Roleplay

Orange State Roleplay Community

We strive for professionalism and fun. We hold our members to a high, yet reasonable standard. We’re very confident in this community. We hope to build friendships with our members and take roleplay to a whole new level.

What we offer:

  • Age 14+ (Mature)
  • vMenu
  • Realistic Scripts
  • Character Development
  • Whitelisted
  • Friendly Staff and Members
  • Controller Friendly
  • Great Civilian Vehicles
  • In Game CAD
  • Well Organized
  • SASP, LSPD, and BCSO are open LEO departments.
  • Custom LEO Liveries
  • Civilian MP Clothes, EUP, & LEO Peds
  • Many Opportunities.
  • Beginner Friendly!
  • DOJRP & OCRP styled community.

[Community Link]: Orange State Roleplay

Hello, I think you will like this community a lot we are a esx based server currently just started. We are looking for department command and more for all of our departments. We are beginner friendly and super friendly. The owner and management are super active and are always open to suggestions and questions. Currently we have BCSO, SAFD open. Dispatch is currently looking for a department head. Make sure to come check us out.

If you wish to join our have any questions feel free to check our post or DM me on discord. I also linked our discord below. Have a good day!

N. Johnson
Fire Commissioner

More Info:
[New] [Opening Soon] Hardlife roleplay, recruiting Staff and Police Command

My discord:
Nicholas Johnson#8883

Our Discord:
Hardlife Roleplay

Hey you, Yes you! Here on Peak Roleplay, we are looking to fill our departments, Staff, and developer positions! If you wanna have the time of your life JOIN PEAK!!! If you are interested join our discord!!

Come by and check us out here at Gang Haven Role Play

We are hiring Police, EMS, & STAFF of ALL RANKS!

  • Just ask for Brad, Cope, or Chris Paul

Discord Link Gang Haven Role Play

LucidCountyRP New logo
I am the founder of a FiveM server and community called LucidCountyRP and we are DOJ based and we have civ cars and emergancy cars aswell as we have Vmenu postal map …

Midnight City Roleplay

Midnight City Roleplay has a fresh new opportunity to come back to FiveM better and stronger than ever before. Our mission statement is to provide you, the player, a life-like and professional experience while being able to enjoy quality roleplay with friends!


We offer a wide variety of cool custom content such as

vMenu based server
Framework economy
Serious Roleplay
Daily Patrols
Custom Civilian Vehicles
Fast Growing Community
Helpful Community
Active Fire Department
Civilian Owned Businesses
Tech Support
Weazel News Website
And much more!
Civilian Operations
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Communications

About the Directors and Head Administration

Midnight City Roleplay is under the Direction of 2 individuals.
Brian, and Alex. Brian and Alex have had previous experience
running multiple communities on different platforms.
They have come together and started Midnight City Roleplay.

Unlike other communities, Brian and Alex are great working as a team. The Directors hand picked all Head Administration a part of Midnight City Roleplay. All Staff members consider all options, they listen to feedback given by community members. If there isn’t a superb Staff Team, there isn’t members, which means there is no server.

Discord: Midnight City Roleplay Official Fan Server
Weazel News Website:

Trailer: Midnight City Roleplay Server Promotional Video (Whitelisted FiveM) | 2022 - YouTube

Nevada State Roleplay

Nevada State Roleplay is looking for members. We have a dedicated team for development listening to suggestions by the community we look to create. We are looking to have semi-realistic roleplay. Our rules allows you to have fun, unique, and professional RP’s with minimum restrictions. NSRP also has an in-game economy and ways for civilians to run businesses, buy and sell items, commit crimes and more! We also are willing to help and guide newer Fivem role-players get in and feel comfortable playing along with experienced/ established people.

In NSRP we have multiple whitelisted departments anyone can apply for:
:police_car: Las Vegas Police Department
:policeman: Henderson County Sheriffs Office
:oncoming_police_car: Nevada Highway Patrol
:ambulance: EMS
:rotating_light: Dispatch

:man: lots of EUP customization for Civs, Police, and Fire/ EMS.

:house: lots of interiors and add on buildings for Civs, Police, and Fire/ EMS.

:moneybag: We also support in-game economy to further immerse you in city.

:racing_car: Import vehicles and domestic vehicles are available In City.

We have:
Stable 30 Slot server
in-game economy
Relaxed server rules and staff

i am looking for alpha testers

Come check out NEORP 1.5. We have a lot to offer. More information can be found on our forum page or on our discord.

Join us today no matter the age you can play! Nightlight Roleplay | New City | Active Staff & Devs | QBCore Economy | Looking for Staff, Leo, Ems | Serious RP

Feel free to dm me bud Tekefflux#5189