Experienced Dept. Head and staff member looking for a new server

Hello! My friends call me Huffy, I have been in the RP game for 5ish years now. In that time I have been active on FiveM for almost 2 years.

I have owned 2 servers for other games, I’ve helped manage 5-6 servers as a staff member and have been a LEO department head 3 times.
1st time as a Game Warden head
2nd time was also as a Warden head
3rd time, and most recent, I was a BCSO head

I can also make my own documents for departments if required.

I also have experience in FD, although not as much and I would not accept a department head position of FD due to my lack of knowledge.

Along with that I have the skills to design, and make my own department skins. So if I wished to change them, I can do so myself and not have to take up part of the development team.

I’d welcome any questions anyone might have, Thanks.

Can you add me on dc

Greetings Huffy415!

We’ve got a nopixel based Realistic Economy server that is looking for experienced LEOs to pick up on certain positions at some point. We’ve invested many hours into the development of the server.

I would like to have a chat with You.

I look forward from hearing from You, Add me on discord Rigs#5783

Hit me up MikeyTheGreat#5503 we can work something out. We got a new server for you.

I may have a position for you at RedwoodRP. You can shoot me a message on discord @AviatorChris#3151.

Hey Huffy,

Hardlife Roleplay is a brand new server looking for Active Staff and Police Officers.

You can check out more info at our Forum Post
or alternatively DM me on Discord Luke.#6986


If you are still looking and interested, check out FreshStart Roleplay! We are a community run by experienced FiveM members with experience in communities such as DoJRP and OceansideRP. It’s a place that all of our members have said they feel comfortable in.

FreshStart Roleplay | Custom Framework | Custom EUP | Looking for Admin, Staff, and Devs! - FiveM Server Development / Server Bazaar - Cfx.re Community

DM me on discord @Soap#2104 I would like to talk to you about my current project.