[FREE] Weapon Animation Script (Advanced)


With this weapon animation script you can make it change clothing components such as holsters based on if the weapon is holstered or not. You can also set aim animations and holster animations for the player for different types of weapons and clothing.



  • Weapon holster animations
  • Aiming animations
  • Clothing changes, example: empty holster & holster with gun.
  • exports for developers


This resource also requires ox_lib make sure you download that as well.


Please make sure to appropriately license your work.

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Look at what we have here xD, Keep it up Andy :partying_face:

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Thank you :blush:

Does any of these animations I choose save after re-entering the server? (after server got restart for example).

That’s pretty cool. Can you show us how it looks in first person as well?

Everything is good in first person but you will use the default first person aiming animation unless you set the aim animation to the one you want and also play that animation at the same time.

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Good as always :star_struck:.

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Good job andyyy Ive been waiting for this to be updated for a while :smiley: it met my expectations (my expectations were alot)

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