[FREE] Trigger Protection


If the cheat is publicly posted, it will automatically remove and kick the cheat. + log

You can set the limit for the public amount, if it exceeds it will be banned.

You can limit the triggers you want in cases like exploits

ESCKaybeden/eyes-protection (github.com)

Other scripts


nice bro nice :fire:

Hello. Your resource contains a significant security vulnerability. You have specified your config file as a shared file/client file which contains the webhook for the users Discord server, giving malicious players the ability to access this webhook and abuse it. Please consider updating your resource to fix this.

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Thats a no no, webhook client side :unamused:

Delete the config written in fxmanifest and dump information will not be sent to the other party, so in short they can’t catch the webhook hook if you do.

Why is the config file even shared with the client?

You can remove it, I forgot that I shared it for the benefit of the market, because the cheating has increased so much right now.