[FREE] Simple NPC Interact (Logic Script)


Hello! This time I present a free script for the logical use of a NPC Interact system.

What does it mean to be a logical script?
That it only includes the logic of how a simple NPC Interact system could work, it does not include a magic ui, only a slight configuration of how to use it and it is working to be implemented anywhere and works with oxLib (optional).

It is also free to use and open to the community to edit and improve.

Own Features

:small_blue_diamond:Two Algorithm (native & zone from OxLib)
:small_blue_diamond:Systems adaptable to any framework
:small_blue_diamond:Logical Script
:small_blue_diamond:Multiple languages
:small_blue_diamond:Open Source
:small_blue_diamond:Works with OxLib

Note: The algorithm will be used to detect the player in the area, these can be:

  • ‘native’ : Native functions will be used to check the distance from the NPC to the player. (May slightly affect performance)
  • ‘zone’: The OX library will be used to generate a sphere with a radius and the integrated functions will be used to detect whether or not it is in the zone.

Video Preview

Source code: GitHub - AlexMartSch/abp_npcInteract


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interesting script

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Good job!

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