[FREE] mth-rc / The free ultimate RC-car resource

Description :spiral_notepad: :

:wave: Hello ! Today I’m releasing mth-rc, a resource created with @Dark-Animations and @TayMcKenzieNZ . This resource is a standalone resource that allows you to spawn a rc car and control it with your keyboard. See the showcase video below to see how it works !

Usage :hammer_and_wrench: :

To use the resource, download it, put the mth-rc folder in your main resources folder.

Add start mth-rc to your server.cfg

Then, once you’re in game, use the command /rc to get started !

Features :sparkles: :

  • STANDALONE : this means that you don’t need any dependencies to start this script on your server

  • Easy to use

  • FREE

  • Configurable

  • Support for ox_inventort and qb-inventory

Demo :eyes: :


Link to the resource : mathu-lmn/mth-rc (github.com)

Feel free to open an Issue or make a PR to help me improve this resource ! :smile:

Again, huge thanks to Dark-Animations for the custom emote

/rc Use The RC Car
/recall Recall RC Car to Player
E Self Destruct
G Toggle RC Camera
LEFT ALT Change Vision Modes - Night / Thermal

This script is amazing! Great job


Thanks !

This is great!!! And oh i got a request! The ability to have an rc-car item that you can use, and then basicly triggering the script (Or something, i have no coding knowledge at all!), so players could buy the rc-car as an item in stores!

Hmmm could work on that yeah, what inventory are you using ? If it’s documented enough I can link it to the resource


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great but its very very great if its as items


I’m just using the default esx_legacy inventory!

Very good work, I would like an item to be needed to be able to use it.
One serious suggestion, if possible, make it “invisible”, like non-contact racing. Since, there would be too many cases in which they would use the bandit to crash into people and get life out of them

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This is great, for ox_inventory it would be awesome

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its fantastic bro thank you

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V1.0.1 IS OUT !

  • Added support for ox_inventory, please read the end of the readme.md file ! (@ThyllaFrost)
  • Added a config to disable collisions with players (@Balt1)
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Seems like a very nice resources, the only thing I would note is network compatibility
This seems to be working great in a simple environment, but could be broken by network control / onesync big max range

Network control:

  • In a case where multi players are around the RC, an other player could inherit the control of the entity, breaking the control of the car
    There is no real fix of the other than verifying if “we” still have the control of the RC, and requesting the control again, this will not work if RequestControlFilter is enabled (sv_filterRequestControl)

Creating objects and vehicle client-side:

  • Currently, creating objects & vehicles client side will work best for singleplayer use or non-onesync, but would cause security issues for server that have a lot of players to manage, either they do a whitelist for entities they allow (they just need to add models spawned from your script, but this is a shitty way to do it) or they don’t allow client to create entities at all
    The problem with creating entities server side is : it doesn’t work in non-onesync mode

Onesync big max range :

  • Onesync big mode (infinity) is the 1024 version of onesync that use a maximum range to sync entities, you will not see network entities from the north of the map when you are in Los Santos
    If the RC escape the max range, it will be lost
    There is no simple way of fixing this other than teleporting the player near the RC when it’s very far away, but this occurence is kinda rare and the RC would need to go kinda far before it happens

These are simply notes and doesn’t mean you need to fix anything in your script :+1:
It’s great to see community members sharing free script and trying to adapt them for the need of others
Thank for the share


Very interesting, thanks for ‘teaching’ this kind of stuff that’s not really explained anywhere but is still very important when working with more complex scripts.
Especially when working with network control :smile:

The idea for this script came from 2 things really; it may already exist but it’s paid or poorly done, and the 2nd point being, can we do it but better, and for free?

Every other script I’ve seen either uses the tablet animation and prop, or the phone animation and prop; I decided, why not be unique and use the controller, and had Darks Animations make us the custom animation, which he surprisingly whipped up, tested, and sent us in about 45 minutes.

I guess you could disable the range thing and use the script to race them together, but the script was mostly designed to scope out buildings or whatever undetected, like, you could use mth-views from a vantage point for binoculars and use night vision or thermal vision, or you can send in the RC car with this script and get a view from ground level, except that you can only be soo far from your player before you lose signal, giving you some form of difficulty.


This looks amazing, think it can be altered to need an item to use it? like an rc car item? would be sick honestly and maybe support for qs inventory?

It currently supports ox_inventory as its an inventory system I do use but if you manage to make it work with qs, feel free to open a pr!

Ya that will not be happening haha I am not that good but no worries, cool release otherwise

V1.0.2 IS HERE !

  • Add a blip config option to find the RC-car
  • Disable movement when the rc is too far
  • Fix networking issues
  • Disable the ability to enter the rc
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Very cool script, thanks!

One question, what is the max. LoseConnectionDistance before you could expect running into issues?

With the latest update the player is also stuck when rc is out of range, is that intended? The only way to get unstuck seems to be to destroy the car.