[FREE] [ESX] WX Reports - Report system with built-in Admin Chat

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Hello. Today I am releasing another free script of mine, which is WX REPORTS! This is a simple ESX chat-based report system for admins (and of course players) that they can use to get help of an admin ingame. Includes webhook support and admin chat! As always, I included a simple config file where you can modify almost everything that the script offers! The script is open source, so you can modify EVERYTHING like the translations, chat message template or the webhook styling!


Image Showcase

Admin POV

Player POV

Discord Webhook


Config File

[READ PLEASE] I have NEVER worked with QB before so please don’t ask me for QB support. I don’t like QB. You can make a PR on the github repo including QB support

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Does this work with Ace Perms?

Nope, it uses ESX groups