[free] [esx | qbcore | standalone] tp advanced zombies

You have to manually edit the code for that

It looks working with clientside, Only the player can see the zombies. Other players cannot see them right?

CORRECT. its basically only single player. client side only. kinda defeats the purpose. great script otherwise

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Even huge servers don’t have zombies synced because there are many problems that can happen but i am planning having two packages which one is synced and other not synced (current one) when i am will be available and have some free time.

I will let you know when this will be released but there are no promises about its functionality.

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Sounds good. Your mod is the best one I’ve seen so far, minus the non-synced factor.

At the moment I’m using custom peds streamed in rather than letting the zombie script do it, and its working so far but I use a different script for now that is synced where it turns default gta npc into zombies

ive added more spawn points in CodeWalker and modified files using GitHub - TayMcKenzieNZ/server_scenarios: FiveM resource for streaming custom scenarios. but this requires you know how to do some basic fivem mapping as well and its extremely time consuming placing zombie spawns one at a time lol

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Thank you for sharing this! Hopefully someone can see this if they are interested!

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Fixed an error / issue (from my side) on loot rewards when giving weapons.

tp-server_lootrewards.lua file updated only.

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The following update is very important, please get a backup because the all files must be updated in order to do your personal changes after running the new version.

Added Player Statistics (Zombie Kills & Player Deaths).

  1. All the statistics can be seen in a UI when pressing a key or performing a command (Configurable). The statistics that will be shown are the TOP (20) Players & your player’s personal statistics.
  2. All statistics are being automatically updated by the system when there are new kills or deaths, including ranking.
  3. All the statistics are being saved in the database when a player leaves the game or when the script stops running.
  4. Fully responsive with all the screen resolutions.
  5. All the UI Locales can be modified in the following path: html > js > locales (All languages are supported).
  6. Supporting QBCore qb-ambulancejob script for death counting but on ESX you must manually call TriggerServerEvent("tp-advancedzombies:updatePlayerStatistics", "deaths", 1) in your ambulance script where function RemoveItemsAfterRPDeath() is called.

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i think i speak for alot of folks, your script is awesome. By far the best zombie script ive seen, However, RP servers (not survival) could really benefit from server synced zombies, something thats well balanced, fun, mission based , a light resource with some of the great features you offer.




  1. Modified the sound system in order to prevent the source error and now everything seems to be fixed successfully.

  2. Removed the volume option in the config because we could not be able to modify the volume but now the sounds are working based in the entity(zombie) distance.

  3. Zombies are now having 50% chance of doing a sound in order to prevent multiple zombies spamming crawling sounds and interact to each other.


  1. We are currently changed the damage system and now zombies cannot damage you when the system is checking if the player is in godmode (Player Invincible). Currently tested on TXAdmin Godmode.

  2. Fixed an issue on SpawnZombieAtDaylight & SpawnZombieAtNight which caused problems with zombie spawning.


Do you have some page for donation? You deserve, thank you for your work and attitude


bro this is the best zombie script i ever seen

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Hello sir! You can always contact me private for donations, thank you very much, i appreciate that!

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If you want, I can modify the sound files themselves to be a bit lower. As they are quite loud. Just let me know :slight_smile:

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Anything is accepted to my script, there’s no problems with me at all!

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Here you will find an updated config example with lowered base volume of sound files. I lowered them all by -12db. About 50% lower or so. A lot more tolerable for those of us with loud speakers/surround sound as well such as myself I use desktop speakers.

Lower Volume Sounds For TP Advanced Zombies.zip (614.1 KB)

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I will test them and I will replace those sounds, thank you very much!!

Though I would suggest just putting these into an optional folder. In case people want to use these instead. Then can simply put these in and use the new config or edit their own to add _low to the end of each sound file as I have.

Yes will surely add them tomorrow ! It’s good to have lower audio sounds because they are very high

Hi, how to sync zombie for all players ? ^^