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From Nuvil Store we bring a totally new scoreboard to add to your server new functionalities so players enjoy their time in it, this scoreboard revolutionizes all scoreboards in the market, because is not only used for listing all the players and jobs, it can do so much more.

- Nice UI List Design
We have a very organized player list, with both ID and NAME identifiers. In the select menu, just clic into Player List and you will be able to enter your users list.

- Banner
We have a nice banner too, where you can put your Logo, Social Medias, etc… Also they are fully customizable, you can change the name of the social media, links, etc…

- Advanced Job Listing
Our scoreboard has the most advanced system of job listing, allowing you to view a list of all the business of the city, with custom logos, custom status, custom description, names and more!

- Event Announcer Section
This section has a lot of utilities, it can be used as an Rule Listing section, Event Listing section, or maybe an updates section, this choice is up to you :laughing:

- Settings
Inside the scoreboard, there’s a configuration section, where you can change the design of our scoreboard, change the status of the business that you are working, and even admins can post images to the events sections from the settings section.

- Custom RGB Color Picker
We bring you a good-looking scoreboard, with grey and white colors to be unnoticed. You don’t like it? There’s no problem, in our scoreboard each player can customize his scoreboard as their liking, so it fits to all kinds of user.

Config File:

Design based in @SirBombay 's release, thanks for the amazing design.

UPDATE 1.1 [QBCore Conversion]

UPDATE 1.2 [New Section & Configuration]

  • Added NEW section: Robberies. - Here you can see the available robberies for each job, by default set to police. - Soon we will update our docs.

  • Also added a NEW Configuration: - Config.RPNames, if you want to use RP Names instead of using OOC Names, just turn this to true.

UPDATE 1.3 [Fixed QBCore Conversion]

  • Fixed QB-Core duty system.

Other Releases:


is there ability to hide people online, to prevent meta in RP from knowing who is online unless they meet the person or accept a request to be visible or something?

EDIT: Thanks for your free release also!

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In this version is not available that function

But I’m going to work in it, it’s a very good idea to evade MG on roleplay servers :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you updated :dizzy:


I suppose that by modifying the code a bit you can achieve what the fellow says above, right?

Super clean! should 100% convert to QBCore.

i vote qbcore!

I haven’t worked in QBCore, so if anyone wants to convert the scoreboard to QBCore, PM me with the QBCore file and I will upload it to github giving all his credits. :grinning:

Really awesome Script!!! 10/10 Get the dj script guys its awesome too!


This is one of the best scoreboard in FiveM now, considering that it is free…
Could you add two different job groups. One business and other gangs.
Just stating an example, and also a config to turn off player list.
Then it is perfect.
Keep up the good work <3

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Thanks, this week In Will make a huge update :grinning:

Could you make a qbcore Version of it?

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Currently @Tiggythetiger is working on It :grinning:


Also let me tell you, your web design is dope :ok_hand:

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This is hot! been waiting for a decent scoreboard to upgrade too. Everyone loves it and it works like a charm! Really happy this is free! Thank you for the goodies! <3

Thanks so much :grinning:

I wanted a good scoreboard too and I didn’t find anyone, hope you and your players are loving it :heart:


Update 1.1 is uploaded in GitHub :grinning:



Did you started the script at the start of the server or you started it with your console?


but should update normaly