[FREE] [STANDALONE] 3D Disconnect Reason




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This system allows you to let players know if someone just crashed, left the server or event lost connection in a nice 3D text, enjoy it :grinning:


Removed the server-side loop so it will only get the player data in the disconnection.
Thanks to @wobozkyng.

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brooo thank youuu very much

can you also make it for palyer join pls ?

It doesn’t have any sense because this script is made to detect anti-rolers, so you can see if It was an error on simply they have quit.

But yes we can do It.

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Thanks boss man gonna change the font but besides that this is nice idea. Useful for LTAP clips.

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thank you i will be waiting for it

hi, why using loop on collecting player coordinate?

Because when a player leaves the server, you can no longer get his position.

So it has to be looped, if you want to get some performance, you can change the Citizen.Wait value :grinning:

There has to be a better way because on a sever with 150+ this is never going to work well like that.

Simply there isn’t a better way, for example, ESX Legacy uses this system, almost all frameworks.

then instead of doing it again cant you use what ESX is using for it?

My idea was to make this resource standalone, so it can be used in any server, but yeah I can make an ESX version.

@Geloteee I made a PR, do you mind to check? thankyou

Oh nice one :grinning:

I think that this is only working in newer versions, because I saw lots of posts with your same code not working, but I didn’t know that nowdays this is working, thanks for your PR!

UPDATE 1.1 Available on GitHub

we also look forward to the message when you join the server!!