[FREE] [ESX/QB] Ars Advanced Hunting


Get ready for the hunt with Ars Advanced Hunting! Explore the wild, track animals, and enjoy the outdoors. Become the top hunter and conquer the wilderness. Ready to embark on the adventure?

:arrows_counterclockwise: Frameworks

  • ESX

:dart: Dependencies

  • ox_lib

:loudspeaker: Features:

  • Create Hunting Zones without any limitations.
  • Realistic Animal Behaviour.
  • Almost all animals are supported.
  • Rarity Based Harvest Drops.
  • Rare Extra Drops.
  • Animal Tracking System.
  • Target Support
  • Bait System.
  • Campfire to cook food.
  • Integrated shops.
  • Missions
  • Saved Missions Delays
  • Optimized idle (0.0 ms).

:page_facing_up: GitHub Repository:

:link: Video Preview:

:globe_with_meridians: Cfx Forums

:book: Check out the documentation

Feel free to provide suggestions and report any bugs you encounter. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to improve the script. Enjoy!

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Amazing contribution, thankyou so much !

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Amazing script!
Between police jobs and ambulance jobs we owe you a lot, thank you!

Great release thank you for contributing.

It seems like i cant sell / buy items on qb tho ? Did not find any configuration to set the framework

[  script:ars_hunting] SCRIPT ERROR: @ars_hunting/server/bridge/qb.lua:26: attempt to compare number with nil

it auto detects the framework , its just a stupid error i fixed it redownload the script

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just amazing like always !!!

wooow nice work bro

It would be great, for example, for people who have addon weapons, to insert a function that would prevent that weapon from being abused, ie that outside of that hunting zone the weapon does not work so that it cannot kill other players. Or it generally doesn’t have to be for addon weapons.

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This is really amazing! But how do I add the ox_target? It does not work on the ped if I set to this:

Config.Target = ox_target -- only supporting ox_target and qb-target | nil to disable targeting

gotta add it like “ox_target”

Ah oh god I feel stupid now :rofl:

I will try tomorrow, thank you

just as an add on to make the meat edible for ox inventory users

[‘cooked_meat’] = {
label = ‘Cooked Meat’,
weight = 200,
degrade = 50000,
client = {
status = { hunger = 750000 },
anim = ‘eating’,
prop = ‘prop_cs_hotdog_01’ ,
usetime = 2500,
notification = ‘delicious juicy steak’

Ayo this release is fire :fire:

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Hello friend, I tested this script and I encountered a problem, the first time I entered the zone I could not kill my friend, but when we left the zone I killed him quite normally, then we returned to the zone and then I could kill him inside zones. The best thing would be to completely disable the killing of people on a specific weapon that is defined in the config. I hope that my feedback will help you, if you need more information or a video, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

if i dont use ox_inventory how does this work do i need to add everything manually to sql ?

You have to add some logic to the qb bridge to handle money since money isn’t an item in qb inventory. I have it working with qb inventory on my dev server. I can send you the code but it isn’t the cleanest. I just wanted to play with the resource.

Thanks for the free script for the community.

Instead of establishing zones where people cannot be killed,
it would be more useful to lock the hunting weapon model so as not to kill people.
I noticed that you put animals on top of cars during missions.
It would also be very interesting if it was always like this, instead of the animal disappearing.
You would skin the animal and then take it to the meat store inside the vehicle.

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I use ESX on my server while I appreciate the offer I don’t think the code will work for me

thanks bro…good work I really appreciate it

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Already did that

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