[FREE] [ESX/QB] Ars Advanced Hunting

You would have to add items in your inventory and your good to go

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bro can i request global blockshooting weapon hunting cannot attack player not only in zone hunting because the weapon hunting can kill someone out the zone can be use crime kill people and bully people :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

sample code

i try but have error can you help me bro

if not Config.UseAimBlock then return end
function aimBlock()
while cache.weapon do
local aiming, entity = GetEntityPlayerIsFreeAimingAt(cache.playerId)
local freeAiming = IsPlayerFreeAiming(cache.playerId)
local type = GetEntityType(entity)

        if not freeAiming or IsPedAPlayer(entity) or type == 2 or (type == 1 and IsPedInAnyVehicle(entity, false)) then
            DisableControlAction(0, 24, true)
            DisableControlAction(0, 47, true)
            DisableControlAction(0, 58, true)
            DisablePlayerFiring(cache.ped, true)


why bro deleted post

Insane release

local restrictedWeapon = "WEAPON_R70"
local HuntingZones = Config.HuntingZones or {}

    while true do

        local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1)
        local currentWeapon = GetSelectedPedWeapon(playerPed)

        -- Check if the player has the restricted weapon equipped
        if currentWeapon == GetHashKey(restrictedWeapon) then
            local playerCoords = GetEntityCoords(playerPed, false)

            -- Check if the player is within any of the restricted zones
            local isInsideRestrictedZone = false
            for zoneName, zoneData in pairs(HuntingZones) do
                local distanceToCenter = GetDistanceBetweenCoords(playerCoords, zoneData.coords.x, zoneData.coords.y, zoneData.coords.z, true)
                if distanceToCenter <= zoneData.radius then
                    isInsideRestrictedZone = true
            if not isInsideRestrictedZone then
                -- Player is outside all the restricted zones
                TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "SYSTEM", {255, 0, 0}, "You are not allowed to use " .. restrictedWeapon .. " here!")
                RemoveWeaponFromPed(playerPed, GetHashKey(restrictedWeapon))
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Is it possible to remove the markers (not blips) that are shining high up in the sky above animals? And is it possible to hide the red dome that shows up the hunting zone?

Is your debug on true?

Yes, it was true, just checked it and all is okay now. many thanks

How do i install this with qb core. What do i do with the installation folder?

That folder has only the item-pictures an the code you have to put inside your inventory

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But ive got another question… i shot the boar and startet to carry it (nice animation by the way). But how do i put it inside my vehicle? I tried to target the boar again, but nothing was shown,so im stuck with the boar in my hands :wink: Can i use any choosen car that i owne or did i have to use the bhodi2 for that?


carry the boar by using the target or pressing E (which ever you selected in config) then you have to use the mission vehicle to put in vehicle

hi, will you be able to inform me about the hunting script? Everything is going very well except when I try to kill a doe I don’t harvest anything from it. Do you have a solution?