[Free] [ESX] KN Speaker - Play Music Anywhere

Hey everyone,

Today I am releasing a script that I have been working on for the past few weeks.

KN Speaker

This script allows you to play and song with a YouTube link straight into the users game Also being server synced making sure every person can hear within the area set. This is very useful for clubs and such so the dj can just paste the link and play.


  • Play any YouTube song with just the link
  • Can change the volume within the game
  • Has the option to change the distance of the song
  • Add as many locations as you want in the config file

Planned Updates

  • Adding a portable speaker to play music anywhere any time
  • Adding car radios with ui


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Kn Dev Team



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hey man i am making a video about its features currently away from my pc done by Wednesday

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i think well be better post when its video done… Well hep better people to now.

@kibukj :hushed:


No MP3/OGG support? I’d like to add my own music hosted in my server to loop at some stores…

Add it yourself as its open source?


:thinking: try using this maybe @MADC1993

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I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong after I click play music it don’t bring up the keyboard and then i get stuck till i restart nh-context does anyone have a clue what I’m doing wrong need to get this working so all the streamers in my server don’t get DCMA from responding to a 911 at the strip club just running out of ideas

has any one had the issue when trying to play muisc after the nh-context comes up you click play music and the nh-keyboard don’t pop up and you have to restart nh-context to un freeze your person just looking to get help if any one had that issue