[FREE] [ESX] KN Boombox - A advanced boombox

Hey everyone,

Today I am releasing a script that I have been working on with my speaker script ([Free] [ESX] KN Speaker - Play Music Anywhere - #9 by Known)

KN Boombox
This script allows you to play and song with a YouTube link straight into the users game Also being server synced making sure every person can hear within the area of the speaker.


  • Play any YouTube song with just the link
  • Can change the volume within the game
  • Has the option to change the distance of the song


(2022-03-02 16-45-25)



Kn Dev Team


sorry about no preview i will make them ASAP

preview Uploaded

What is the difference between this and KN Speaker?

If it’s the same thing, there’s no need to make two posts. The link also says Speaker but this forum says Boombox

no they are different one is a speaker that cant be moved the boombox is a fully different thing.

Hello, I really liked this script but i cant seem to get it to work. I have a error phrasing the script in line 146 of client.lua. Is there anyway to fix this issue? Thanks for the great work!

hey mate i will look into in now

do you have xsound installed?

yeah i do, i also have nh-conext and keyboard