[FREE] [ESX] Dynamic status and info hud!

  • Add as many status elements as you want
  • Hud elements stay anchored to the minimap
  • Ready to install to latest esx legacy build

Configuring elements
Open html/app.js. You can add all the new statuses you use if you configured them corectly with esx_status then the hud figures the values itself !

elements: {
                progress: null,
                name: 'hp',
                color: '#ef4444',
                icon: 'fa-solid fa-heart',
                show: true,
                value: 0.5,
                progress: null,
                name: 'ar',
                color: '#3b82f6',
                icon: 'fa-solid fa-shield',
                show: true,
                value: 1.0,
                displayFrom: 0.01, // You can set display from value the status will be hidden


Hud is made for ESX only for now !
Get it here !


Didn’t test it or anything but looks nice. But on the money and job display the margin looks weird because the icons have a circle around them

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will fix that thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Looks nice :smiley:

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very cool

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Didn’t test it or anything but looks nice. Maybe remove the gta health & armor bar ?

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Great work!

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Will do that

Hey! Great release.

I am having one minor use with hiding the hud while in other menus.

AddEventHandler("d2d-closenui", function()
            ui = 'show',
            show = false,
		shownui = false

I added the above to trigger while in other menus but the hud keeps flickering, any ideas?

can you add a stress bar ?

You can add that yourself easily :slight_smile:
Goto to app.js and add in elements

                progress: null,
                name: 'str',
                color: 'white', // color
                icon: 'fa-solid fa-microphone-lines', // icon you want to use
                show: true,