[FREE] Blackout - AFK KICK

AFK Kick

Compatible with all.

This script allows you to kick out the afk people from your server to free slots.


  • Optimisation
  • Allows you to kick the afk people from your server after a defined time
  • Allows you to bypass people with their SteamID
  • A configuration file


Download : Click Here

This script can not be given or resold you can only use it in your server

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You’re not allowed to have discord links in a forum post


Thank you for the information. I did not know that this rule existed :grinning:

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Just wondering did you take in to account, using looped emoji’s would keep you from going afk?

A temp feature to disable afk kick in some instances?

Or even using water to avoid afk kick, or is this based on a static postion check, that checks coords and heading?

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There are tons of free ones out there and nothing special needs to be done. I use one that works fine and it was FREE.

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Perfect script, functional, I didn’t have the slightest problem.
I recommend.

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I did not understand the first question

No for the moment you can’t deactivate it temporarily but it’s a very good idea I’ll take note for a future update ( Even if the afk time is set to 5/10 minutes there won’t be any risk because rare are the actions that take more than 10 minutes without moving)

And I did a single test in the water and it kicked me anyway the script check the position and heading of the player

Thanks you

Okay, but I’ve never seen one optimized with a system configuration so I decided to create one. But I’m happy for you

maybe check the rules before posting :confused: just saying lol

6 euros, are you having a laugh?

Ok but I don’t see the point because I know that the post was validated by a moderator so if he had any problem with the rules he would have told me

Yes I’m laughing at you

Without question, the monetization of scripts will be the detriment of FiveM

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100% agreed. As a newcomer into all this its insane.

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Ok if you want but know that before publishing yesterday this script I had already sold scripts to FiveM server to work for in exchange of remuneration so I’m not really new on the sale of script but I understand that I should have taken otherwise and not published a paid script directly and started before this will happen in the next. I plan to release at least 1 new free script

UPDATE : I have made my decision the script is now free

cannot download in tebex you must have a amount so how can i download this? sir

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In the first box put 0.00

Looks good, I’ll try it when im at home.