Fivem Manual Transmission (Server side) resource with custom gears and different gearmods

I was wondering whether this would work to make it just for sports cars? For example, on a lamborghini, you have an automatic gearbox but you can downshift to start off better.

you can use the part of the config to specify vehicles gearboxes, to only use the manual trans in the vehciles listed.

Super cool resource

thanks mann

Hey there! Awesome script but I’m wondering if it’s possible to somehow limit max RPM, for example, to 0.7?
Just because on the same straight line car with manual on can gain +10 extra km/h unlike car with manual off due to longer gears :^(

i will change some things in the manual off part, as the manual on is working in the correct way, you just get more top speed because you have a better gear distribution. i will update the script soon, but now i am not with much time because of my Fivem Survival server and University. i will tell you when i update it.

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Thanks m8! I’ll look forward to it! :hearts:

Also, I just noticed - manual doesn’t work on cars with engine/transmission upgrades :frowning:

well it works for me, if you are trying to use manual with vehicles from Config.Vehicles, you will have to add 2 gearbox options so it works with transmission mods, as when you put a transmision upgrade the vehicle gets one more gear.

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Wdym by “you will have to add 2 gearbox options”?

does the car you are trying is on the config.vehicles?

Yes it is. image
UPD: I think I gotchu (took a look on your screenshot)
UPD2: No, it didn’t work xd image
I mean it works for upgraded transmission but not for default one.

that is becouse the car has 5 gears so you need to put 5 and 6, not 6 and 7. in the handling file you maybe have basic 5 gears so you need to put [5] and [6]

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The thing is that this car has 6 gears from the start image

well, put [5] [6] and [7] and lets see what happens

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Still getting stuck at 1st gear without upgrades.
Nvm, I forgot to delete duplicate of this vehicle in config.vehicles, it works, ty!

if it worked, you should go check if the handling file you are working is in the vehicles.meta file too. as your car maybe is using a different handling file than the one you send me.

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how about if i use steering wheel how do i configure it?

i have no idea i dont have one… :sob:

Really cool script but it’s using 0.15 ms man.