[ESX / QBCore] Eyes Scoreboards Responsive and fast UI

  • Loops like callback run when UI is opened (Optimization)

  • Loops doesn’t work when UI is closed js checks if menu is open and syncs players (Optimization)

  • It pulls the avatars of the players (steam, discord) from platforms such as, if no avatar can be drawn, it generates avatars from the api we connected to the player

  • If the person is in the profession, the icon appears as an unduty if it is not a duty.

Code is accessible YES
Subscription-based Depends on the situation:
Lines (approximately) 300
Requirements ESX & QB
Support YES

already saw this in elder scripts store :joy:

Am the elder scripts store owner and confirm that :rofl:

You can complain, you don’t need to dirty the place boy man :pinched_fingers:

people should know who you are first, the place is already dirty by someone like you, and already reported you, till they respond let you enjoy the 6 euros script :rofl: :rofl:

The design date received by us is 06.06

The period of time for those who sell for 2 times the price to share the design:

[Scoreboard UI Design - GTA 5 DESIGN on Behance] :pinched_fingers: ( 35€ ) (https://www.behance.net/gallery/172534105/Scoreboard-UI-Design-GTA-5-DESIGN||)

Go report it, don’t pollute the issue further, if there is a problem, discuss it with your designer. If “edit” is a copying product, let the authorities decide, And believe me, since I can’t read the code you wrote, we probably won’t be able to edit it, so rest assured, we don’t sell simple things for 35€ ( we didn’t edit your design and product so don’t be afraid ) :nauseated_face:

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I bought a script, and unfortunately, I found the old version, I want the new version