[PAID] [ESX/QBCORE] Chat System - Report Panel / Notification / Mute / Emotes

– Special theme for /me /do, there are also additions for police announcements etc.

– The emoji option available in all commands can also be used in different /me /do contexts (all support)

  • Mute system commands (/mute 1h/1s/1m - /unmute)
  • Specially scrolling, selecting and filtering all commands on the server
  • There is no callback or loop, in its cleanest form, it pulls the data at once with fetch (0.1 resmon)
  • Notification system (succes, error, announce)
  • Chat picture feature coming soon
  • Quick emojis are converted into emojis like real <3 :slight_smile: :]
  • If he presses up on the arrow keys, he can automatically print the last word he wrote to the input.
  • Moves the right and left in-game words from the arrow keys to the right and left so that he can see all the commands
  • /me and /do feature
  • Report system where admins can switch with F9
  • 50 meters rule for /me and /do
  • 3 different notification systems (announce, error, success)
Code is accessible YES
Subscription-based ESX-QBCORE
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements ESX-QBCORE
Support YES
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I am using ESX Legacy and im having issues with most of it not working and i cant click on 3/4 of the chat area. Any ideas waht i can do to fix this?

Although there is not much difference between Legacy or ESX, it is not at a level that will affect the chat, I don’t think you will have such a problem, if you experience such a problem, support is provided as soon as you open a ticket.

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