[ESX/QB] PlaceableObjects - Useable item objects

Hey guys,
and welcome to the script PlaceableObjects, which provides a great way to place objects ingame.
See the features below to check whether it also fits your server :wink:



Spawnable objects:

Create items, which can be spawned as objects on the map. You can add as many useable object items as you want to the PlaceableObjects Config.

['policebarrier'] = {
        item = 'policebarrier', 
        object = 'prop_barrier_work05', 
        freeze = true,
        removeItem = true, 
        giveItemBack = true,

To place them you can easily use your mouse cursor and place them anywhere on the map. Simple and great!

Items are saved in the database. So the money bags and items do stay after a server restart. Of course you can also create temporary items.

Money bags:

You can add items, which can be used as money bags. So you have to insert a certain amount of money when placing them. And whoever takes the object also gets the money.
Great for roleplay and more!

Object shops:

You can create shops all other the map, where you can preview objects. Also you can buy those items there. By default there is one YouTool shop and one special shop for the Police. Of course with job restrictions.
Also you can select between all possible payment methods in those shops: cash, bank, black_money and society money (can be configured individually)

Regarding Escrow

We paid the highest attention to the opportunity that everybody can simply modify everything without any encryption.
For this matter we only included about one pretty small functions, which never have to be modified and can’t cause any problems into the escrow file. So I can promise 100% that you will not even notice this protection, when you aren’t willed to leak the script.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1100
Requirements NativeUI, ESX or QB
Support Yes

Price: 5,79€
Download at https://luis-scripts.tebex.io/package/5202693

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Seems to be a good script! Can it be used without any framework? (stand-alone)

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Requirements: NativeUI, ESX

You need ESX for the script because the placeable items are triggered by items in the esx inventory.

cool script especially the idea with the mouse. Simply the best placeableobjects script I have seen so far.

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would be nice if you can do aversion for QB :slight_smile:

Actually this would be possible, but I didn’t knew how to make items useable in QB.
But somebody offered to do this, so maybe there will be an update pretty soon.

meh nativeui

There is no built-in NativeUI, the UI you see in the preview is krz_personalmenu! The script makes sure that you can place the objects, especially with the mouse to place the objects in place.

Update - 20.07.2022

  • Minor bugfixes
  • Added full QB-Core Support

Gute Arbeit!

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Can this be used standalone or is it exclusive to ESX and QBcore?


At the moment there is only a version for QB and ESX…because the item and money management have to be suited for a framework I guess it isn’t possible to do this completely standalone

PlaceableObjects - Update - 18.09.2022

  • Money bags can now also be opened when Config.ObjectsCanBeAccessedByEveryone = false and you’re not the “owner”
  • Minor bug fixes

it ll suport in ox_inventory?

Does ox_inventory require any special dependencies regarding setting items as useable?

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Love this script. Having a blast on my server placing ramps and other objects around for some proper mayhem.

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Thank you so much <3

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qtarget ?

Not used